40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii mera 40 week end hone ko aya...still no sign of labour

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Answer: hello no need to worry some time due date has passed but no labor pain then dont worry dear you are not alone. Only 10 to 20 % births happen one the predicted due date. The other 80% percent births has happened after due date between 40 to 42 weeks. It doesn't mean you are at risk or your baby is not safe. Your doctor will do some test and may be induce pain.
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    Sonam Sahane Khairnar1252 days ago


Answer: hi
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Question: Still no any sign of labour pain
Answer: Nothing to worry. Doctor will induce pain for normal delivery.
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Question: 40 week running. No sign of labour
Answer: Hi Don't worry it ain't unusual many women delivery post due date even I did Your baby needs to be closely monitored post due date observe movements every 3 hours There should be 10 movement a day If you experience decrease in fetal activity visit your gynaclogist to the earliest Your doctor may observe untill 41-42 weeks according to your babys environment Generally post 41 weeks if there is no pain they may induce or go for c section according to the situation
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Question: Hi.. i am 40 weeks pregnant still no sign of labour
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Generally forty weeks is considered as full term pregnancy. Baby grows a lot in last weeks of pregnancy.Generally delivery may happen anytime between 37 to 40 weeks are safe. The more baby grows towards forty weeks the more growth is seen. Discuss with your doctor once. Take care
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