10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mera fisrt ultra sound kya usme baby ki heart beat likhi hoti h plz rply

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Answer: At about 5-6 weeks ultrasound, a tiny structure termed the fetal pole becomes visible, along with a ring-shaped structure called a yolk-sac. At 6 weeks there should be a visible fetus, yolk-sac and the visible flicker of a fetal heartbeat.
Answer: Yes.. likhi hoti h..
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Question: Can heart beat be detected in 5 week ultra sound
Answer: The baby's heart starts to beat at around 5 weeks. You may be able to hear – and see – your baby's heart beat for the first time when you're about 8 weeks pregnant if you have an early uptrasound exam.
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Question: My wife is pregency 8weeks runningly baby heart beat doing ultra sound 6week 5days appriciated..after a week ultra again ultra sound then baby heart beat 67/bpm..whats happen ..we wait 12 weeks 0r its harm for baby growth..
Answer: Hi if your wife is already 8 weeks pregnant and on the first ultrasound the baby Heartbeat was weak and after that also it has come to 67 beats per minute then it might take some time but it cannot be concluded now if it is going to be successful or unsuccessful please wait till the time your doctor suggest you to wait and if there is any a supplement for babies growth please ask her to take the medicines diligently take care of a nutrition water intake and see to it that she takes ample of rest .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Mera aj ultra sound hua main 8wks pregnant hu but baby ka heart beat nehi Mila.
Answer: Hi dear, Usually fetus heart beat is found from 6-7 weeks, seems like you have to recalculate your gestation period. Phir sey 1 week ke bath doctor ka pass jake scan repeat karna hei. No need to worry. Eat healthy and be positive.
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