36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mera nine month start ho gya h.nd mjhe pelvis area m pain m ho rha h right leg se to hila h ni ja rha bilkul..bathne m bhi prblm ho rhi h.vomit to bahut ho rhi h roti khate h vomit ho rhi h.what should i do?.kya ye labor pain k sign h.water discharge b ho rha h.

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Answer: Hllo dear u r 36 weeks pregnant u have right leg pain its common during pregnancy when baby grow uterus also grow .body organs ll be shifted it puts presdure on muscles specially on sciatica nerve thats why one side leflg pain ll start nothing 2 worry abht .try it.if water s discharging consult ur gyno go 4 walk daily . Give warm compress on affected area. take healthy diet as milk should take both time. Apply pain relief oil on affected area.Put pillow under ur leg while sleeping . Avoid pain killers. Do yoga.
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Question: hello kl evng m 2baar vomiting ho gya kafi Jada or fir uske Baad gale se kuch kha Ni Paa rhi, bhot pain ho RHA h even Pani pine m v prblm ho rhi h,kuch solution bataye plz
Answer:  Nausea and vomiting are usually part of healthy pregnancy. The misery typically goes away by the middle of the second trimester but some pregnant leady face them throughout pregnancy. I am trying some simple remedies to get rid of this problem. You can also try this. Take ginger juice off course it is very bitter in taste so mix it with little honey and have it. Drink lots of water. You can also drink lemon water. Stay well hydrate. Keep yourself calm and take rest. Sometimes hunger  increases nausea. So eat regular meals and small snacks like dry fruits ( soaked almonds, 4 5 cashew nuts, 2 walnuts, fresh orange juice, fruits, sprouts, chhena, biscuits, namkin.  Also you can have lemon water with black salt.
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Question: kya ye labor k sign h abdominal area m pain ho r h thighs be pain krre h...welll koi discharge to ni hora h..or veginal and pelvis area m bht pain h...karwat bhi ni le pa rahi hu
Answer: Vagina aur pelvic pain common hota hai. Pregnancy k hormonal changes k waje se waha ke bones soft hote hai taki baby growth k liye space ho aur delivery bhi asaani se ho. Toh jab aap karwat lete hai ye soft bones apko pain feel hota hai
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Question: Meri eyes m prblm ho rhi h bahut jyda.pani nikal rha h.what shold i do to get rid of it?pregnancy m asa hota h kya
Answer: Yess it is common during pregnancy some ladies may experience blurred vision you can consult your doctor for this.
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