32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii mera 8 month start hai kya mai krele ki sabji kha sakti hu kya

3 Answers
Answer: No dear better to avoid grm hote h BT 9th m big yes ..means Yu can eat in 9th month
Answer: Hii karela avoid Karne k bolte hai pregnancy me. So plz mat khaye
Answer: yes you can
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Question: mujhe 7 month chalu hai kya mai mushroom ki sabji kha Sakti hu kya
Answer: Yes, it is absolutely safe to eat mushrooms during pregnancy. The only concern with mushroom is its place of origin. It is well known that mushroom is a spore-bearing fruit of a fungus found mostly on the soil or on its food source. Therefore it is not safe to eat raw mushrooms. Moreover, they are believed to be carcinogenic. Cooking or drying are known to neutralize the carcinogenic effects and therefore, safe.
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Question: Kya mai arvi ki sabji kha sakti hu
Answer: Hello dear, Arbi is one of those vegetables that may have absolutely no reaction on your body, or suddenly cause a severe allergic reaction. it is always best to avoid it during breastfeeding just to be safe. in addition to allergic reaction on the skin, it can also cause itching and scratchiness in the throat and mouth. Take care...
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Question: Mam Kya Mai chaulai ki sabji kha sakti hu?
Answer: Hi dear, yes all the varieties of beans are good to consume & you can eat but not in large quantity & in excess amount to avoid stomach problems. Hope it helps.
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