34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mera 8 month chl rha hai..aur PTA nai kl se bich bich v Peet drd kr rha h...

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Answer: Stomach Pains in Pregnancy at 8 Months. Stomach pains in pregnancy are common, especially as your pregnancy progresses. This is usually because the muscles throughout your abdomen are stretching, along with the ligaments in your pelvis. ... All this moving and stretching can cause discomfort.
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Question: hello mera kl se nine month start hua h aaj subh se pet bhut heavy lg raha h aur bich Bich me nausea feel ho raha h
Answer: Ho sakta h aapne kuch galat kha liya ho ya ye normally v hota h. Aise me apni liquid diet pr dhyan dijiye. Agar problem jyada ho to doctor se mil lijiye. Its normal for nausea and vomiting to return late in pregnancy.  Baby is taking up most of your stomach room and I read thast  some woment get it.  I have had a few incidents of this too. I read it was common, right along with diarrhea. So no worries,  Don't panic. You either have a bug or food poisoning I'd wager. Morning sickness can come back at the end and you can have a 'clear out' before labour but if you've been feeling rubbish, I think it's more likely a virus or something you've eaten.
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Question: Mujhe 9 month chl rha h nyt se pet me drd h kse pta chlega labour pain h ya nhi
Answer: Hi dear. Baby drops and baby now rests lower in your pelvis.2 cervix start to dilate.3 cramps and back pain . 4 vaginal discharge. 5 as you get close to labor, you may pass your mucus plug it's the small amount of thickened mucus that has sealed off your cervical canal for the last nine months. The mucus may be tinged with brown, pink, or red blood, which is why it's called "bloody show."6 tiredness 7 water breaks.8 strong contractions you have to be carefully if you notice any of these symptoms. Hope this helps n all the best
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Question: hello mera baby 7 days ka h usne kl se potty nai ki h...feed b ache se le rha h or toilet b kr rha h bt kl se potty nai ki h plz give me any solution..
Answer: aap tension mathlo is common 4-5days tak b nai karte so no need to worry
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