29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mera 7 month chal rha he..aur muje 2 din se contraction ho rha hai..to kya krna chahiye..dctr ne bola k early delivery ho sakti he. plz rply..

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Answer: Ha contraction aur relaxation zyada ho to early delivery ho Sakti hei..check kijiye repeat hota hei to turant doctor ke paas jayiye..
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Question: muje 7 th, month chal rha he, kya khana chahiye
Answer: I can suggest you diet plan, hope ki aapko helpful lage 1. Pre-Breakfast Snack: ·         A glass of plain cow’s milk ·         Almond milk ·         Milkshake ·         Apple juice ·         Tomato juice ·         Dry fruits 2. Breakfast: ·         Bowl of fruits ·         Wheat rava upma with lots of vegetables ·         Poha with lots of vegetables ·         Oats porridge ·         Whole wheat toast with butter and omelet ·         Vegetable omelet ·         Paranthas with fillings of spinach, dal, potatoes, carrots, beans, cottage cheese, cheese with curd ·         Mixed bean cutlet or patties ·         Some fruits to go along with the breakfast such as apricots, dates, sweet fig, banana, oranges ·         Cheese toast or cheese and vegetable sandwich ·         Vegetable handvo ·         Rice sevai with lots of vegetables 3. Mid-Morning Snack: ·         Tomato soup ·         Spinach soup ·         Creamy spinach soup ·         Carrot and beet soup ·         Chicken soup 4. Lunch: ·         Roti with choice of dal, vegetable and a bowl of curd ·         Parantha with dal and a bowl of curd ·         Carrot and peas parantha with a bowl of curd and some butter ·         Jeera or pea rice with raita ·         Rice, dal and vegetable with vegetable salad ·         Lemon rice with peas and some vegetable salad ·         Vegetable khichdi ·         Chicken salad with lots of fresh vegetables or vegetable soup ·         Chicken curry with rice ·         Grilled chicken with a bowl of curd ·         Rice, dal, mint raita and a fruit ·         Kofta curry with rice ·         Cottage cheese parantha with butter and vegetable salad ·         Curd rice ·         Parantha with sprouted beans salad 5. Evening Snack: ·         Cheese and corn sandwich ·         Vegetable idli ·         Spinach and tomato idli ·         Sevaiya with lots of vegetables ·         Carrot or lauki halwa ·         Fruit smoothie with fresh fruits such as banana or strawberry ·         Roasted peanut mixture with vegetables ·         Cauliflower and peas samosa ·         Bread cutlet ·         Chicken cutlet ·         Chicken sandwich ·         Chicken soup ·         A bowl of dried dates or dry fruits ·         A cup of green tea ·         Milk porridge with oats, sevaior daliya ·         Vegetable daliya ·         Mixed vegetable uttapam 6. Dinner: ·         Rice with dal, spinach vegetable, and some green salad ·         Roti with a bowl of dal, a vegetable of choice and a glass of buttermilk ·         Mixed dal khichdi with a vegetable curry and a bowl of curd ·         Vegetable pulaoor chicken rice with a bowl of yogurt ·         Plain parantha with a glass of buttermilk  
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Question: normal delivery hone k liye kya krna chahiye..... abhi mera 6th month chal rha he
Answer: Hi dear, Normal and c sec are all last minute circumstances which includes baby weight , cord looping, dilation, head diameter of baby and position of baby. But we can give are best to have normal through following: 1 Watch ur weight and exercise regularly. It’s important to not put on excessive weight during your pregnancy.Don’t forget to exercise every day, start with a 10-15 minute walk 2 Have good nutrition so that u have good stamina at the time of delivery.Eat small meals every 3-4 hours, and keep yourself well hydrated. Make it a point not to skip any meals during pregnancy. vegetables, protein (lentils, milk, cheese, Yogurt etc) and whole grains, coconut water, fruits ,dry fruits.
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Question: Dr ne bola hai mera weight jyada increase ho rha hai....aur mera 7 month chl rha hai weight ko kam krna hai...kaise kru???
Answer: Hi dear, Weight gradually badhna hi theek hai.ekdum se weight badh Jane se diabetes hone Ka dar rehta hai. Maximum pregnancy weight last trimester me badhta hai. aur healthy Khana hi khaye. deep fried ya junk ekdam na khaye.active bhi rahe .halki exercises jaise walking aur swimming bhi Kar Sakti hai.khoob paani pijiye jisse Aapke badhtey weight me control ayega.ek time me Khana thoda khaye.khane fibre zyada le jisse Aapka pet zyada Der tak bhara rahega .
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