38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mera 9 month chal rha h or mujhhe rat ko thik se nind nhi ati roj rat ko 3-4 bje nind khul jati h mai bhut presan hu.

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Answer: Hello dear, During third trimester, due to harmonal changes, bulging uterus, you may not get enough sleep, try these steps. Drink warm milk before bed, Take bath with warm water before bed, Take light and digestive food in dinner, After dinner make a habit of walking 15 min, regularly. During bed time listen to good music or read good books,it will make your mind relaxed and promotes good sleep.
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Question: Mera 6 month chal rha h or mujhhe rat ko ges ki problm rhti h jisse mai rat ko thik se so nhi pati hu, kya kru pls btaye
Answer: It is very common to experience acidity during pregnancy First of all you should avoid taking heavy food or fried food during dinner Make sure to take walk after dinner Drink lots and lots of water You can also take antacids after Consulting a doctor for the quick relief
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Question: mujhko rat m nind nhi aati h agr 11 bje so jati hu to 1 bje aankh khul jati h phir dobara nind aati Hi nhi h bahot koshish k bad b nhi aati h kuch prblm h kya???
Answer: गर्भावस्था के दौरान महिलाओं का पूरी नींद लेना जरूरी होता है। लेकिन हार्मोस में परिवर्तन, किसी प्रकार के तनाव या चिंता के कारण वे ठीक से सो नहीं पातीं। 
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Question: Mera 6th month pregnancy h ,Mai dudh piti hu to mujhhe gas bnta h or bhut pet dard hota h mai bhut presan hu, pls koe solution btaye.
Answer: Rather than warm milk take cold milk, it always helps in lowering the acidity.
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