31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mera 8 month chal raha hai n meri d8et hai three times milk , morning me one banana ,one apple, one cucumber, than after at 10 am halka sa nashta , than at 1 pm one pomegranate, than at 3 pm lunch and in evening 4 almonds with two anjeer and two walnut finally night me dinner with a glass of milk is it sufficient fory nutritional intake....plz reply

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Answer: Aapki diet thik lag rahi hai bus aap 1 pm may ek Anar k saath aur bhi kuch le , naasta aur lunch k beech may bahut gap hai ..aap 1 pm ko Anar k saath egg , soup , grilled chicken ya sandwich include Kar sakti hai . Aap Jo kha rahi hai wo sab khaye saath may green veggies ki quantity bada le . Egg sprouts bhi le aur Pani 10_12 glass le .
Answer: Seems like a good diet.. Keep it up 👍😊 Eat when you are hungry and keep the portions small and often.. Have a healthy pregnancy 😊
Answer: Hello mam it is sufficient good take care be happy be healthy
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Question: My 8 month li'l girl doing very hard potty daily. I'm giving her half banana with milk and ghee at 10 am, rice daal curd n ghee at 2:30 pm, steamed half apple with ghee at 6 pm, khichdi, milk and ghee at 10 pm. lunch n dinner can be very with mix veg soup, ragi n wheat rab,milk n roti, cerealac of nestle , buttermilk.
Answer: Hello! It is very important for the baby to pass stool on regular basis after starting solid. Alternate days pooping is fine. But make sure the stool should not be hard as it might lead to constipation. 1. Formula fed babies can be more constipated then the breast fed. For formula fed babies you need to change the formula brand. 2.Cut down milk items from the diet like milkshakes or kheer.  3.Offer the baby apple puree and pear puree with the skin and also give prune juice.  4. Soak 5-6 raisins over night. Give the smashed raisins water next day morning.  5. Boil pomegranate peels in water and give the water.  6. Give high fiber diet like oats and include lots of water.  7. Also include curd and chaas in the diet.  8. Give a massage on the belly with warm oil. 9. Give a warm bath and make the baby sit in the tub of warm water. Take care
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Question: Hello.. my son is 16 months old. He eat one apple, one banana, one cucumber, one pomegranate and one cup milk in whole day. He eat breakfast and dinner with me.Is it enough for him?
Answer: Yes dear it is absolutely fine and great infact. If he is having all this with lunch and dinner. There is nothing to be worried your baby is doing great in terms of diet. Hope it helps.
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Question: in morning 1apple a glass of kesar milk 3 almonds 3 khajur raisins and a glass of protine in lunch 1 and half roti with dal rice afternoon 1 Orange 1 cup curd at evening 4-5 biscuits at dinner 1 and half big roti with subji and rice is that diet ok
Answer: u can milk at night also. And curd or chach at lunch time.. Walnuts also very good
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