21 months old baby

Question: Mera bby 1year ka h or use bar bar bukhar khansi cold hota h

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Answer: Get hb and vit d investigated these are usual culprit for low immunity
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Question: Mera baby 56 day old h use cold or khansi ho gai h ky kru
Answer: Hi. Following can help you cure blocked nose cold and cough.: 1.Breast milk: Breast milk the best remedy to cure almost every disease in infants, because of blocked nose yiur baby may not be able to latch properly but hou need yo keep ogfering it to baby. 2. Squirt breast milk in nose and it would help fast curing of cold. 3.saline water: just a drop in each nostrils, Saline water will help unblocking the stuffy nose of your child. Keep cleaning the nose. 4.garlic and ajwain fumes: Roast 2–3 big cloves of garlic & few pinches of Ajwain on tawa for just one minute. You will be able to smell powerful fumes. Let the mixture cool down and keep near your child. The smell of mixture will heal the cold & cough of your child. You can also bind the mixture in pouch for better handling. 5. Light Steam Inhaling steam is a natural way to provide relief for blocked nose, chest congestion & cold. Dont give your baby direct steam but place steamer near your bed and let the room fill with it. 6.massage Massage your baby with mustard oil boiled in garlic and ajwain let it be warm and massage baby with this oil in morning and before sleeping. Above all skin to skin contact with mother works the best.
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Question: Mera beta 4'1/2 years ka hai use sardi khansi Bukhar thik nai ho ra
Answer: Hi dear, As climate is in transition phase these days so its common to get cold. Try to keep your baby covered specially in morning and evening. Make sure your baby is not allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned.. for home remedies for cold heat mustard oil till smoking point then add 1 tsp of salt apply this luke warm along with salt on chest back palms and foot of your baby and make him sleep and cover him. For running nose use saline water drops and use humidifier near by when he was sleeping it will loosen the cough. Make your baby sleep on pillow bit upright it will help him to sleep without interruption. Get well soon baby. Eucalyptus oil apply on baby clothes near collar or on dry sheets Mix the ginger juice with honey make a thin solution of just a quarter tsp of it give it to your toddler above 1 year. You can make tulsi, ginger , cloves tea and give few tsp twice a day to your toddler.
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Question: mera beta 4 saal 3 months ka h jhukam khansi har month m hota h or uski vjhe c bukhar b hota h bar bar hota h aisa jiski vjhe c use bar bar dawai leni padti h or woh khana thik se nahi kha pata h or jo khata h vomiting kr deta h kya krna chahiye
Answer: Hi Dear! Usually babies me immunity aate aate 5 saal ho jata hai to 5 saal tak cough cold fever stomach upset bahut hi normal hai now first of all aapke baby ko Vitamin C jyada Se jyada dijiye, so that baby ka immunity thik ho aur uske alawa har tarah ka vegetables and fruits baby ko khilaiye, Cough and cold is usually due to infection and fever indicates that body is fighting against the infection *You can give honey and ginger in every hour to the baby.. *Try honey with cinnamon, pinch of Turmeric and pepper. Works like magic i hv started using it and this concoction can be given on a daily basis throughout the year to build immunity as well.. Hope this helps!
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