26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mera hb 9 gm hai,,7th month chalu hi ,hb jaldi kaise badhega

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Answer: Drop is hb is expected during pregnancy and is because of increased blood volume. 10-14 g/dl is considered safe in pregnancy . Small drop of hb is considered normal in pregnancy because of high blood volume. You can naturally increasd hb by having green leafy vegetables , pomegranates and some citric acid fruits liks oranges sweet lime to help absorb iron
Answer: Thank you so much
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Question: mera AfI kam hai ye kaise badhega
Answer: Afi range is 8-18...In case ur amniotic fluid is low u shud drink plenty of water,juices, coconut water, eat cucumber n watermelon...also u can consult ur doc n take argin sachet
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Question: Mera hb abhi tk 10 gm h.. running 7th month
Answer: Hello! aapka hemoglobine kam hai..aap apni daily diet mein iron food add kro jaise paalak,beetroot,tofu,watermelon,apple,dates,almonds. Diet mein aise food add karo jinme vitamin c ho jaise oranges,Lemon,papaya,tomato etc.Daily basis par green leafy vegetables lo. ye sabhi food aapka hb badhane mein helpful rhenge.
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Question: Mera AFI 8 hai ,kaise badhega afi?
Answer: Hello dear, aapko Kafi paani peena chahia aur saath hi of coconut water, glucose and fresh juices bhi le. Isse amniotic fluid badhane main help hota hai . Check the weight of the baby as low weight can affect the level of amniotic fluid. Generally your baby should weigh 2kg in the 8th month of pregnancy.
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