15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mera fourth month start ho chuka hai mam kya mai pkaa huaa papita kha skti hu

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Answer: If there are no other complications you can have it .No problem.
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Question: Hello mam kya mai ferrous ascorbate Kha skti hu 4th month start Ho gya hai
Answer: Hi dear, Yes Aapke iron aur calcium supplements 4 th month se shuru ho jaane chahiye.so ferrous ascorbate is nothing but iron supplements.please regularly leti rahe.
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Question: mera 4th month start hai kya mai aam ka achar kha skti hu
Answer: Yes dear ap kha skti h.....is tym Jo bhi acha lge khaiye...papaya or pineapple k alawa
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Question: mera 9 month start huva hai aj..to kya mai darkchocklate kha skti hu??
Answer: Chocolate is perfectly safe for most pregnant women—in moderation. In fact, there's some evidence that eating chocolate during pregnancy could lower your risk of preeclampsia. But you don't want to overdo it for two reasons. Number one is that eating lots of chocolate will make you less hungry for other healthy foods you need for a balanced diet. Chocolate also tends to be high in calories and can contribute to an unhealthy weight gain. The second reason is that chocolate contains caffeine. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that pregnant women keep their caffeine intake below 200 milligrams (mg) a day.
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Question: Mera 8 month start hua hai aaj kya mai grepes kha skti hu
Answer: Yes right now u can eat grapes however post csec delivery doc generally dont recommend to tak grapes as it effects d healing process
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