38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mera first c section tha...now i m pregnant again...nineth month is running ..age difference is 3 years 7 months kya normal ke chances hain ??

Answer: Can't say what will happen but mostly if first was csection then definitely second delivery also Cesarean only in my case both also csection delivery But then also it depends on ur pregnancy if there is no complications n natural pains comes then possible for normal delivery Hope so Tc
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Question: Hello doctor. My first delivery was a c- section delivery 3 years ago. Now i m 4 months pregnant. What are the chances of a normal delivery
Answer: Hi Having one c section does not imply you cant have normal delivery You have a fair chance of normal delivery Stay active practice pregnancy yoga as it helps open pelvic gap Have a clean and healthy diet
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Question: My first delivery is c section after 7 years i have concevied again is there is chance for normal delivery
Answer: Hello... Yes,it is possible but select a gynaecologist,who prefer more normal delivery,thats most important.. you can follow these steps , it will help you in achieving vaginal birth, Pregnancy is a wonderful phase ,in which each mom have amazing experience, vaginal birth can be achieved through diet and physical activites,and it is a natural and good start.. Diet Your food should contain all nutrients that needed for you and your baby, wat you eat will be more noted during delivery, you should have that much strength and stamina to entering into a new phase Include more fruits , vegetables, whole grains,oats,egg.. Include more dry fruits,fish Avoid oily,fried ,packed stuff Avoid refined sugar,pastries too Physical activity As all our moms advice to be active in these times, but at the same time rest is also to be taken in regular intervals Mild walking for an 30 min is essential Kegal exercises can help a lot,but you should starting doing this with doctors advice Join maternity yoga classes,they not only helps in delivery , it helps in postnatal care too Keep your mind relaxed, enjoy your favourite hobby. Get enough sleep, whenever possible and intake of water is also taken in account
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Question: Hi my first delivery is c section. Now i m pregnant 37wk .is there any chances of normal delivery.
Answer: Yes ...... Normal k chances bhi ho sakte h ,,,y depends karta h ki aapko koi prablom to n ho health se related,,.... Aapko labour pains sahi time PE start ho gye ho.. Ydi amniotic fluid bilkul shi or safe h.. Baby ka weight jaza nhi ho.... Baby ki hearts beat zada n ho... Aapka heamoglobin sahi ho... ... Sb thik h to aapki Normal delivery ho sakti h...
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