37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: heelo mera 35 wek chal rha hai. pairo me swelling hai bp bi 130 hai n weight 72.aaj doctor ko checkup krwaya. wo kah ri

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Answer: soak your legs in warm salty water and rub alum. swelling will reduce. drink lots of water and take rest.
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Question: Yaar. Plz Koi btayega k mera BP hmesha badh jata Hai jb bhi govt me checkup krati hu Wase mera checkup pvt Hospital se chal rha Hai to me Kyar kru k mera BP Thik rhe
Answer: Talk to your doctor about the medications you’re currently taking. Some medications can increases blood pressure. If so, she may prescribe an alternate medication or determine whether you can avoid taking it until after you deliver. Limit or leave fried foods. Continuous consumption of fried foods can cause to build up in your arteries.  Maintain a healthy weight and increase physical activity whenever possible.  Increase your potassium by taking dietary supplements or eating foods rich in potassium. Foods rich in potassium include bananas, orange juice, avocados, cantaloupe, tomatoes and chicken. Do breathing exercises or yoga to lower your stress levels and help to stabilize your blood pressure.
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