1 months old baby

Question: Mera c -section hua hai.meri breast se milk kaam niklta h.baby ke liye sufficient nahi rehata. Meri delivery ko 20 days hoye h abhi. Kya karun ?

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Answer: You can try natural remedies to increase your breast milk such as drinking jeera water everyday in morning will help to Boost Your milk supply. eating saunf, Dill leaves, dill sabji cooked, and one tablespoon of ajwain powder . Try pressing your breasts gently while your baby sucks milk. This will help to stimulate milking ducts. Change your position. And keep switching between breast as it may be a cause that your milk flow is not enough or your milk is not coming down as required by Baby. if your baby drinks for a while and then again detaches from your brest, this might eventually slow down your milk. drinking more of watermelon juice, coconut water twice a day and lemon water twice a day will help to Boost Your milk supply as well as check on immunity. you can take lactare tablets twice a day 1 in morning and one in evening to Boost Your milk supply also it comes in granules form you can mix it with your milk and can drink it anytime . if your baby is not latching properly I would suggest you to visit your pediatrician ones and confirm the proper lactating positions. your nurse will help you to understand proper latching position and how to hold your baby since your baby was fed by your family members. it is not a problem to be dependent on nan pro, since it is the only form of milk your baby understands. if nothing works on try expressing your milk, use electric or manual pump whichever suits you best. electric pumps are of Great Value because they easily Express around 600 to 700 ml milk per day and also you can feed your baby with bottle. if you are baby is cranky and not taking your breast then this is best solution. an electric breast pump will help extract your milk and you can store it as well as feed your baby as in when he cries. so what you can do is you can express more of your breast milk with use of electric or manual breast pumps you can pump more often or after every one hour which will increase your milk supply. because as in when you are breasts are completely empty your milking hormone is activated and produces milk if you want to change your formula you can try dexolac also I would advise you to take a Protein powder for yourself as well sim mom IQ or Mama protinex which will help your body with essential vitamins and minerals that plays a crucial secondary role in milk production. hope it helps. take care
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Question: abhi meri delivery ko 1&1/2 month hua h or milk kaam aa rha h milk bdane ke liye kya kru
Answer: Diet and nutrition play an important role in improving and maintaining a healthy breastmilk supply. Try including these foods in your diet to increase milk supply. Fenugreek (methi) This is an ancient remedy and is being used since generations to improve breastmilk supply. Methi is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and is a good source of vitamins, iron, and calcium. Nuts and dried fruits It is well known that nuts and dried fruits are high on calories, rich in vitamins and minerals, and a good source of essential nutrients. They can be had by themselves or added in several preparations. Pulses and lentils Pulses, such as Tur daal and Masoor daal are believed to improve milk supply since ancient times. They are high in protein and contain good amounts of iron and fiber. Green leafy vegetables Spinach,sarson ka saag,bathua are a few of the many green leafy vegetables that are rich in iron, calcium, folate, vitamin A and B12 which help to improve lactation. During winters theses vegetables are easily available so make sure you are eating adequate quantity. Other remedies - Utilizing the demand and supply equation, The more you draw milk from your breast, the more milk your body will produce. If milk is not efficiently removed from the breasts, it eventually decreases milk supply. Supplements - 1) Shatavari kalp powder. This has known results when it comes to increasing milk supply. Take a spoon of powder with lukewarm milk once in a day. 2) Jeera- This is the most effective remedy. Roast jeera seeds then powder them and have 1spoon of this powder daily with lukewarm milk once a day. By following these soon you ll notice difference in your milk supply.
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Question: Kaise pata chalega ki breast milk hai abhi sufficient baby ke liye..10 days old baby hai abhi mera
Answer: Baby will express if hungry by crying. You can look for formula in that case
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