17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mera BP low ho raha hai..... Weakness bhi hai bahot

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Question: I have low bp problem and muze bhook bahot lagti hai aur thakan bhi
Answer: If you have low bp inform your doctor and consult her for medication. But many women rely on home remedies instead of medicine. Here are some remedies will help you--- ♦in low bp we feel very lazy so rest is very necessary. lying on the left side may also help increase blood flow to the heart which may help the stabilize the body. ♦ wearing loose fitting clothes may help to avoid dizziness and fatigue as well. ♦if low blood pressure is causing nausea, warm herbal tea may help. You can also drink one cup of coffee. ♦eating a varied and nutrient rich diet is especially important during pregnancy. A doctor will usually monitor a woman's blood pressure during regular checkups and offer and treatment options if it is too low and high. apko thakan low bp ke karan hoti h. or bhukh lgti h to achi bat h thoda tuoda karke khate rahiye
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Question: Hello mam..mujhe bahut weakness lgti he....or mera BP bhi low he
Answer: Hello,low bp ki vajah se aapko weakness lag Sakti Hain,aapko jyada salty things Lene Chah,aapko ache se rest Lena Chah,aapko jyada water intact Karna chahiye.also aapko dates Lene chahiye daily like 2-3 dates everyday. Aapko bar do ghantey Kuch khaana chahiye.
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Question: Mera 9 month running hai mera bp low ho raha buhut weakness aya hai mera edd date 27 th may hai kya karna hoga mujhe toh sirf dar hi lag raha kya hoga kaise hoga delivery?
Answer: Ap zyda tension mat lo isse bhi Bp low jayga. Healthy juices lo and eat some spicy food isse ap ka bp jldii normal hoga.. be calm and happy soon u r going to become mother😊
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