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Question: Mera BP high rehta hai mujhe kya karna chahiye

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Answer: Salt km istemaal kariye or jada sochna ya tension nhi lena chahiye aapko. Agr answer psnd aaya to 👍 wala button daba de. Thanks
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Question: Mera bp high rehta hai kya karun...
Answer: sabse phle to aap stress free rho..jyada se jyada paani piyo aur khane mein namak kam kar do..is se theek ho jayega..
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Question: mera bp low rehta hai mujhe kya lena chahiye
Answer: If you have low bp inform your doctor and consult her for medication. But many women rely on home remedies instead of medicine. Here are some remedies will help you--- ♦in low bp we feel very lazy so rest is very necessary. lying on the left side may also help increase blood flow to the heart which may help the stabilize the body. ♦ wearing loose fitting clothes may help to avoid dizziness and fatigue as well. ♦if low blood pressure is causing nausea, warm herbal tea may help. You can also drink one cup of coffee. ♦eating a varied and nutrient rich diet is especially important during pregnancy. A doctor will usually monitor a woman's blood pressure during regular checkups and offer and treatment options if it is too low and high.
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Question: Mujhe high bp hai.. Kya mujhe tablet lena chahiye
Answer: Hi To reduce bp just avoid salty and oily foods and also teduce salt to half amount in food than what you use in your daily routine also do take 3-4 soaked almonds daily to reduce bp..
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Question: Mera B P 135 to 150 k beech rehta hai Kya mujde high BP ki medicine lyne chahiye
Answer: Hello Your doctor will tell you the medication. In pregnancy it's dangerous to take medication that doctor has not prescribed Some women develop high bp for dis u have to limit ur sodium intake with a healthy diet thats well balanced. You should avoid coconut water as it contains high contents of sodium. As the doctor has suggested make sure u take ur medications on time. Stay physically active until ur doctor cos this could lead to preclammsia . Hope I helped
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