31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mera bp 90/60 h mai kya kru plz rply... khana digiset bhi ni ho rha h kya kru

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Answer: Hello dear, There is usually no medical treatment for low blood pressure during pregnancy, but you may try several  remedies... Taking time to wake up slowly in the morning instead of jumping out of bed, and getting up from the chair or sofa slowly during the day can help prevent dizziness or fainting....If you feel faint, you should sit or lie down gently to avoid falling and take steady breaths. Lying on the left side may also help increase blood flow to the heart, if low blood pressure is causing nausea, warm herbal tea may help settle the stomach. Staying hydrated with water can help. Eating many small meals throughout the day... Eating a varied and nutrient-rich diet....Increase  daily salt intake. If you feel fainting or dizziness along with a severe headache, vision changes, or shortness of breath, you should seek emergency care. Chest pains and feelings of numbness or weakness one side of the body also require emergency care...
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Question: I'm 33 weeks pregnant, mera bp low h 90/ 60 h aur meri saans bhi ful Rahi h pls help
Answer: If you have low bp inform your doctor and consult her for medication. But many women rely on home remedies instead of medicine. Here are some remedies will help you--- .in low bp we feel very lazy so rest is very necessary. lying on the left side may also help increase blood flow to the heart which may help the stabilize the body. .wearing loose fitting clothes may help to avoid dizziness and fatigue as well. .if low blood pressure is causing nausea, warm herbal tea may help. You can also drink one cup of coffee. .eating a varied and nutrient rich diet is especially important during pregnancy. A doctor will usually monitor a woman's blood pressure during regular checkups and offer and treatment options if it is too low and high.
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Question: mere 7 month complete hone vala h mera Bp 160/110 se km ni ho RHA h m kya kru
Answer: Although doctor will closely monitor your BP but still healthy lifestyle can help you to maintain your BP, limit your salt intake Take your BP medications Take rest No smoking and no alcohol intake Control your weight gain, don’t gain much
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Question: khana digest ni hora mera tummy tight sa ho jata h kya kru??? plz hlp
Answer: Don't eat too much... have lot of liquid food... drink jeera water if u feel indigestion
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