16 months old baby

Question: Mera beta 1 saal 3 mahine ka h.. Uske liye kch khane ko suggest kro pls wo kch nhi Khata..meetha to BILkul bhi nhi..

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Answer: hii aap apane bachche ke din ke poorn ghanton ke doodh ke saath kap ke shuruaatee ghanton ko shuroo kar sakate hain. subah ka naashta naashte ke lie aap nimnalikhit mein se kisee bhee cheej ko apane bachche ko de sakate hain. aadha kap pakaaya jaata hai. sabjee ya paneer kee bharapaee ke saath aadha ya 1 bharavaan parantha. aadha kap sujee apama. saadhe ya 1 chhotee see cheej ise sabjiyon ke saath bhar detee hai rangeen dekho .1 chhotee idli.poh vibhinn vikalp hain jo aap priy de sakate hain. .brunchh branch ke lie aap apane bachchon ko ek kap ka ras ya phal chait ka katora de sakate hain. dopahar ka bhojan dopahar ke bhojan mein sabhee mahatvapoorn poshak tatvon ke samrddh vyanjan shaamil hona chaahie. dopahar ke bhojan ke lie aap nimn mein se kisee ek ko 1/2 kap daal ko chapattee ya ½ kap chaaval ke saath de sakate hain. aadha kap sabjee birayaanee. daal ka ek kap, ek chhotee chapattee aur kuchh mausamee sabjiyaan. chapattee ke saath koee bhee paneer aadhaarit vejee ya chaaval ka ½ katora priy .snachks aap apane bachche ko phal salaad ka ek chhota sa katora ya ek kap sabjee ka soop ya apane bachche ke pasandeeda phal ke milkashek ka gilaas de sakate hain ya aap phal chikanee bana sakate hain priy .raat ka khaana raat ke khaane ke lie aapako apane bachche ko bhojan ko pachaane ke lie kuchh halka aur aasaan dena chaahie. vyanjanon kee soochee nimnalikhit hai jo aap apane bachche ko de sakate hain. ardh kap sabjee khachchee dahee ke saath. saaya grainyool ke aadhe kap chapaattee aur kuchh vejee ke saath. chatanee aur saambhar ke saath dosa. chatanee aur saambhar ke saath. dahee chaaval phal ke saath sabase oopar hai. makkhan ya dahee ke saath aaloo paranth. yahaan kuchh pointars priy hain ki aap apane bachche ke aahaar ke baare mein dhyaan mein rakh sakate hain. yaad rakhen ki yah vikaas ka ek mahatvapoorn charan hai, isalie apane bachche ke aahaar kee atirikt dekhabhaal karen. bachche ko naya khaana dena shuroo karen, lekin ek samay mein keval ek hee dekhen aur dekhen ki kya aapaka bachcha ise pasand karata hai aur priy nahin hai priy. apane bachche ko popakorn ya nats jaisee cheejen na den, jinake paas khaady paip ko chakama dene kee sambhaavana hai. stanapaan karane ke bajaay apane bachche ko poora doodh dena shuroo karen taaki vah apane shareer mein vasa kee aavashyakata ko poora kar sake. apane bachche ko din mein 5-6 baar chhote anupaat mein. bachche ko vibhinn cheejen den taaki bachche sabhee cheejon ke lie svaad vikasit kar saken aur unhen kha saken. apane bachche ko sheetal pey, chokalet ya aisee koee cheez na den jisase bachche nashe kee lat aur nukasaan pahunchae kyonki in cheejon mein haanikaarak rasaayan hote hain apane bachche ko phal khaane ke lie protsaahit karen. mausamee phal bahut svasth aur paushtik hote hain. khyaal rakhana priy
Answer: Here are some tips for preventing and easing constipation: Don't wait to go to the bathroom when you feel the urge to move your bowels, even though it might be uncomfortable the first few times. Waiting makes your stool drier and harder to pass.Eat high-fiber foods such as whole grain cereals and breads, brown rice, and beans as well as fresh fruits and vegetables every day.Carry a water bottle and drink plenty of water. A daily glass of fruit juice, especially prune juice, can also be helpful. Some people find that drinking warm liquid soon after waking up helps get things moving.Go for a walk. Walking may be painful at first, especially if you're recovering from a c-section or an episiotomy, but even a short trip around the block can get your sluggish bowels into gear.Ask your healthcare provider whether you should take a stool softener or laxative, sold over the counter at any drugstore. (Stool softeners enhance water absorption in the stool, while laxatives stimulate the stool to pass.) You'll need to start taking a stool softener right away if you have a tear that extends into or through your sphincter. Stool softeners are also helpful if you're suffering from hemorrhoids or taking high-dose iron supplements for anemia or narcotics for pain relief. If things don't improve in a few days, talk with your provider. She may have additional recommendations for you to try, or she may need to do a manual disimpaction, which is a procedure to break up the hardened stool with a gloved and lubricated finger.
Answer: Hello Apke baby Ko ap dal chawal , khichdi daliya oats veggies dalke de sakte ho. Fruits ya toh puree form mein ya juice ya soup banake de sakte ho koi problem nahi hai. Curd rice apple shake mango shake Bana shake ye sab de sakte ho. Pillai, sabji roti, Poha upma idly dosa ye b desakte ho. Meetha nhi khatam koi baat nhi AAP kheer Kam sugar dalke Bana sakte ho. Usse pasand aayegi. Try kari
Answer: Hi , aap abhi usko dal chaval thoda overcook karke de sakte hain. Usko daliya ya phir nachni bana ke de sakte hain. Agar meetha nahi khata toh normal food dal , pulses ye sab shuru kariye. Ek time pe ek item start kijiye and ek week ke baad dusra add kijiye
Answer: Breakfast. ....alloo paratha , dhaliya. Sabudana khichdi. Boiled egg Lunch......dal , rice , khichdi, curd , veg pulloo , In evening. ........custurd , mangoshake , banana shake .poha. upma Dinner.....chapati with dal nd vegetables , raita
Answer: Meri baby b blkul mitha ny khaty ty thode tym ka hota h nt to worry dhire dhire start kr dega ...nd dudh m parlg biscuits ya dudh m banana mash krk try kro I m sure he will live it
Answer: Try parle g biscuits mixed in milk and put it in his bottle nd let him sip
Answer: Hl
Answer: Hl
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Question: Mera baby 1year 6 month ka h wo kuch bhi nhi khata h milk n curd to bilkul hi nhi achhe se nhi khata kuch bhi .breath
Answer: ur toddler may be reluctant to try new foods, but bear in mind this is a normal stage. Your toddler's tastes will change over time. It will help your toddler get used to new foods if you offer him a variety from the four main food groups: Fruits and vegetables. Cereal-based food, such as roti, rice dishes, pasta and bread. Dairy produce, such as milk, curd, paneer and cheese. Protein, such as lentils, chickpeas (chhole), kidney beans (rajma), black-eyed peas (lobhia) and mung beans (moong and sabut moong), soya, lean meat, chicken, fish or eggs.make a definite time to feed the baby.. When all the family members are eating that time only feed him ., feed him every 2 to 3 hours . milk or any other light snacks. Keep it away from eating junk food or processed food. Always give her a nutritious diet to eat. You can also make ragi or multigrain flour biscuits at home. Mix healthy things in his favorite things. You can mix mix vegetable rolls in bread, add some ketchup in it. Inspire the child to play out as much as possible,So that she gets tired and feels hungry
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Question: Mera beta 1 saal 2 mhine ka hai.. Wo kch nhi Khata..only Maa ka dudh peeta hai.. Jbrdsti hath pair pkd K khilana pdta h.. Kya kru pls help me
Answer: Bacho ke sath mehnat karni padti h dear.inko khana khilana is the toughest job. First of all you need to check the baby taste bud. Which food , texture, and nature likes. Sweet salty chunky and special ingredients what baby likes the most. Once you have the idea about it try making it creative by mixing with another ingredients to make creative. Focus on presentation too. Bring some bowls n spoons from fav cartoon prints. If possible show the baby rhymes but not on mobile rather on tv.so that you have full control of that.
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Question: Hii mera baby 4 saal 3 mahine ka hai o kuch bhi khata nahi hai
Answer: Hello ...Making children's to eat , is quite tricky task to every mom,this can be overcomed by feeding food in they way she likes.. these are some tips to follow,. Milk is a good source of calcium, they are needed for kids bone health , you can give them as smoothie,milkshake,kheer You can add her favourite fruit with milk and honey, and make smoothie Kheer can be made with carrot, almonds, paneer , just boil milk with almonds ,palm sugar and serve it with topped dry fruits For breakfast , you can make kids favourite recipe like aloo paratha, paneer paratha with little extra butter You can also make sandwiches with more vegetables, You can toast bread with some butter or cheese We can also serve idly ,dosa,roti on their fav shape and colour with veg puree For lunch,we can give curd rice topped with fruits, veg salads, rice can be mixed with any veg poriyal ,can be served with Pappad Eggs can be given as cheeseegg omlete,scrambled eggs,dragon eggs,kids will love it Evening snacks Give them dryfruit shake, groundnut Chikki, makhanas that can be roasted with little ghee,salt,mild pepper powder,it is a healthy snacks option,kids will love it For dinner Chappati,poori, with paneer, mushroom gravy,kids will love those gravies, veg dosa you can add any veg in batter and make, we can use their fav shapes ...
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Question: Mera beta bht dubla h.. Khata sab kch h par sehat ni pakadta hai... Active b bht hai mashallah... Bas sehat ni pakad pa rha h... Plzz mjhe kch suggest kro kch jisse mera beta mota ho jaye
Answer: Hi dear. Aap apne baby ko roz ek banana khilaye. Nashte me egg de, cheese de aur khane me potato, rice, chicken, wheat roti yeh sab de. Khane me desi ghee ka upyog kare. Bahar ka junk food bilkul na de. Inshallah aap ka baby ka wazan badh jayega.
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