2 months old baby

Question: mera beta one n half month ka h wo milk Nikal ra h dkaar b dilati hu aur ekdum jhagg jesi potty pani jesi kr ra h kya use sardi h agr ha to kya kru

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Answer: ni dear baby ko sardi ni lagi h sabhi baby milk nikalte h. baby milk ke sath air bhi ander le lete h jisse unhe gas bnti h or digestion problem ho jati h milk digest ni hota h or baby milk nikal dete h. watery poop is normal if baby does 10 times in a day. agar jyada karta h to doctor se consult karna chahiye,
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    Purna Shivpuriya1288 days ago


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Question: hii meri baby 18 days ki h or wo bar bar potty kr ri h bhut patli si jhag b nikl ra h potty me mai kya kru??
Answer: Hii Yes, if your baby is exclusively breastfed, she may poopafter every feed or only once a week. It’s all normal. If she is pooping after every feed, it's because as your baby’s stomach fills up, the milk stimulates her digestive tract, giving her the urge to go potty.  For the first couple of days after she's born, your baby will pass meconium. Meconium is greeny-black in colour, and has a sticky, tar-like texture. It is made up of mucus, amniotic fluid, and everything your baby has swallowed while she was in your uterus (womb). Your colostrum, or first milk, acts as a laxative, helping to push meconium out of your baby's system.  Once your milk comes in, after about three days, your baby's potty should: Be at least the size of a 2 rupee coin.Get lighter in colour, changing from a greenish-brown to bright or mustard yellow.Become looser in texture. The stools may seem grainy at times, curdled at others. Advertisement Take a look at our potty photo gallery to find out what your baby’s poop should look like. In the early weeks, your baby may go potty during or after every feed. But after a few weeks, you may find that she does fewer poos as her bowel movements settle into a routine. On the other hand, she may continue to poo after every feed. All babies are different. If you formula feed your baby, she may poo less often than breastfed babies. This is because formula milk isn't as easily digested as breastmilk. Even so, there's no need to worry if she does poo after every feed, especially in the early weeks. Starting your baby on solids may affect the frequency of her poos. Fibre-rich foods, such as raisins (kishmish)or cooked kidney beans (rajma), may pass straight through your baby and end up in her nappy. This will change as she gets older and is able to digest fibre more efficiently.  As long as your baby's potty is soft and easy to pass, there's no cause for concern. However, your baby may have diarrhoea if: her poop is very watery she is passing stools more often, or passing larger amounts than normalthe poop is explosive or spurts out of her bottomDiarrhoea should clear up without treatment within 24 hours. If it doesn’t, and especially if your baby is vomitting as well, speak to your doctor, as your baby could become dehydrated. 
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Question: Mera baby baar baar potty ja rahi h or wo potty chikni h jese aav ho gaye h kya use ..plz bataye m kya kru ..wo whight b gain nhi kr rahe ..milk peete hi potty ho rahi
Answer: Don't count his potty. It is common in breast feed as per the doctor . Keep a count on his susu it should be 6+. Then also if not gaining weight consider formula milk may be your milk is not sufficient
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Question: Mera baby 18 days ks h wo dudh wapis nikal ra h n aaj to kafi tej se ulti ki jbki burp b dilati hu n kbhi wo leta b nhi
Answer: Hello ma..may be baby have some prbm in body once conslut ur dctr...their is chance that ur food ..what u will have..it is better to conslut
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