3 years old baby

Question: Mera beta 2years 8months ka h ky m use egg de skti hu roz 1

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Answer: Yes you can start giving egg to baby, boiled egg.
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    Piyali Maji661 days ago


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Question: Mera beta 2 year's 9 months ka h...m use khane me kya- kya de skti hu
Answer: Hello dear, You can choose your baby's favorite from the options for one serving . Early Hours/ morning time A cup of milk. 2 peeled almonds that were soaked all night. 1 or 2 idlis with coconut chutney or sambhar. 1 vegetable paratha along with ½ cup of the curd. Breakfast ½ cup of dalia or ragi in creamy milk and garnished with chopped dry fruits. Grilled sandwich with onions, tomato and paneer inside. A plain dosa or 1-2 moong dal chilla with coriander chutney. Use vegetables like carrots, peas, beans in ½ cup suji upma. Also you can use coconut in it. ½ cup cooked vegetables with 1 bajra roti. Mid morning 1 fresh fruit as in fruit chat or Cut the fruit into cubes. 1 cup vegetable or tomato soup. 1 cup of vegetable or fruit juice. Lunch 1-2 tsp of seasonal vegetables, like methi, lauki, etc. with ½ cup rice or 1 chapatti and ¼ cup dal. 5-6 tablespoons chholey or rajma. ½ cup veg biryani and grated carrots or sliced cucumber. ½ cup baked vegetables like mashed potatoes, cauliflower, peas and beans with soup. In ½ cup rice us ¼ cup rasam or kadhi. ½ cup moong dal khichri with seasonal vegetables like matar (peas), gajar aloo (carrot n potato), and aloo methi. Snack ½ to 1 cup fruit chat with chopped bananas, grapes, apple, etc. ½ cup milk and 1/2 -1 banana muffin. Use 1 cup whole cream milk and a seasonal fruit to prepare a smoothie. 1 paneer cutlet with ½ cup milk. walnut bread with ½ cup milk or  ½ - 1 slice fruit. 1 full wheat bread roll. ½ cup veg khichri with vegetables like carrots, peas and potatoes. 1 cup fruit (mango, banana or strawberry) milkshake. Dinner ¼ cup aloo curry and soya granules with 1 chapatti or ½ cup rice. 1 chapatti or parantha with ¼ cup matar paneer . ¼ cup dal, with 1 chapatti or ½ cup rice and a seasonal vegetable like carrot, bhindi, gobhi, etc. 1 slice of whole wheat bread topped with chopped vegetables like cottage cheese, capsicum, beans, onions and tomatoes. ½-1 small parantha with ¼ cup paneer kofta curry. Small vegetable pizza with capsicum, tomatoes and and cheese topping. Hope it helped Take care ur little one...    
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Question: Hi mera beta 1 yr 4 month ka hai ...kya mai use week me 3 days egg boil krke uska white part de skti hu ?
Answer: Hi Surely you can give. It contains high protein content and keeps baby full too. It's very good for baby
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Question: Mera beta 4 mahine ka ho gya h kya me use dudh ke ilawa kuch or de skti hu kya
Answer: Hi dear, Abhi sirf aur sirf Aapka doodh hi dena .khane me Kuch na de.baby jab 6 mahine Ka Hoga,tab se solid diet shirt Kar Sakti hai.unka digestive system.kaafi weak rehta hai,isiliye 6 months tak wait kare.
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Question: Mera beta 5 month 20days old h. Mai use teether kbse de skti hu?
Answer: hi up after 4 to 5 months baby ko teether de sakte hain preferably are baby ke liye jail free teether use Kijiye joki aap ki baby ke liye bilkul saaf hoga
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