3 years old baby

Question: Mera beta 3years ka h uska blood 8gm kya karu

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Answer: Hi dear. aapke baby mein blood kam hai to usko iron rich diet De usko daily pomegranate seed pomegranate juice pilaye, Uske khane Main Usko beetroot as a salad daily offer Karen . usko sweet potato, tofu , beans, lentil green leafy vegetable, broccoli etc de. aap Daily 5-6 koshmish pani me bhigo kar rakhe and Subah uthkar yeh kishmish wala Pani and kishmish baby ko de is aap ke baby ka hemoglobin level increase hoyega . hope this will help you
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Question: mera beta 9 month ka h uska wait bhut km h only 6.350 gm h kya karu
Answer: hello dear first of all if baby is active then weight does not matter. second thing i know all mothers want their babies have chubby cheeks and look like golu molu but it is not possible in one day, one week or in one month. it takes more time. all babies do drama to eat food. but you have to prepare yourself for everything. some points that we need to keep in mind --- 1 it is a big task have patience. 2 cut down milk baby's milk intake because it can not fulfill all need what body wants. 3 try new food always and try to present food in new way like your baby's favourite cartoon or some funny face or in smilies. 4  at this stage baby needs 4 to 5 meals ( fruits, milk and snacks included). 5 always give well cooked food and fresh food .  6 if your baby is fussy eater then take help of rhymes, music and busy him or her in some activity and make him or her feed.  food items ---- eggs, potato, sweet potato, ghee, boiled potato these foods are contain high calories and help to increase weight. except them you can give everything which you cook in your kitchen. 
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Question: aj blood test kra hb 8gm nikla kya karu mera 33 week chal raha h
Answer: You can follow this time-table to increase HB: 1. Start a day with 1 apple. 2. Have a regular breakfast you wish for. 3. Around 11 am have a glass of pomegranate juice and kiwi fruit 4. Have your lunch, in salads have 1 beetroot chopped. 5. In evening, finely chopped 2-3 beetroot, 3-4 chopped carrots, nicely washed and chopped spinach. Put them in a cooker add little water and salt to taste. Cook for 2-3 whistles. Filter the maximum juice out of it by squeezing the content. You will left with a big glass of juice and drink. 6. Left over content from step 5 can be used to make vegetable for dinner.
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Question: Mera beta 2months ka hai par uska head shape bigar gaya hay kya karu
Answer: Hi! Baby ko sone k liye mustard pillow dijiye aur yeh apne aap thik ho jayega, chinta karne ki koi baat nehi hain. Hope this helps!
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