2 months old baby

Question: Mera beta 2months ka hai par uska head shape bigar gaya hay kya karu

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Answer: Hi! Baby ko sone k liye mustard pillow dijiye aur yeh apne aap thik ho jayega, chinta karne ki koi baat nehi hain. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hamare yeha 2/3 din se garmi start ho gaya hay aur mera beta ka head se Etna sweat aata hay ki oski pillow vi veg jata hay
Answer: Hello! sweating is a normal process, which may last until he is about four years old. Sweating on the head, especially during sleep, is very common in children. Sweating in the palms and soles is also common during stressful situations or in enclosed environments, such as shoes or coat pockets. Underarm sweating is usually caused by hot environments and anxiety. If you may notice that your baby becomes sweaty sometimes, just relax and change his clothes if necessary. Immature Nervous System The nervous system controls body temperature, and like other parts of the baby's body, it may not have fully matured yet for newborns. Thus, newborn babies are not able to regulate their body temperature like adults. Besides this, some babies naturally sweat more than others, just like adults. Baby Sweating Deep Sleep Newborn babies may sweat profusely at the deepest part of their sleep cycle at night, causing them to be extremely wet. A newborn baby sleeps for 16-18 hours daily, which is often broken up into short periods of three to four hours. During these periods, babies experience cycles of drowsiness, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and very deep sleep. During very deep sleep, profuse sweating can occur (even in adults) to a point where they may wake up drenched in sweat. Since babies spend a lot of time in deep sleep, they are more likely to sweat at night compared to older children and adults. Prevent Your Baby from Sweating Avoid Overheating If your home is too warm, excessive sweating can occur. Keep your home temperature comfortable enough for a lightly clothed adult. Avoid Overdressing You should keep your baby comfortably warm at night, without bundling him up too much. Using too many layers or even a single layer of warm clothing will make the baby sweat when the skin cannot breathe.
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Question: mera beta 10mth ka hai uska gala beth gaya hai.... kya karu
Answer: Hii don't worry. Aisa ho jata hai bacho ko. Aap room me humidifier rakhe. Washroom me warm water karke shower chalna de. Phir jab waha steam ho jaye tho baby ko room me le Jake thori der rakhe.steam se baby ko relieve milega .ho sake tho soup de. Comfortable cheese de. Night me baby rub laga ke sulaye. Cloth light hi rakhe aur room temp. Bhi comfortable rakhe. Agar AC chalate hai tho baby ko full sleeves wear karaye aur direct air flow ke pass na sulaye.isshe baby ko improvement hoga.
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Question: hi.. mera beta 4 month ka hai or usk head ka shape khrb hogaya hai.. i am very worried...
Answer: Hello! Tension mat lijiye, aap rai ka pillow banaye aur us Par baby ka head rakhe, isse baby ka head ka shape proper ayega. Aap online bhi mustard seeds pillow milta hain. Take care
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