7 months old baby

Question: Mera baby rota bht hy us ka pait nh bharta na he wo kch khata hy mery feed k elwa

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Question: Mera feed sae say nh bnta main kya karo iski waja say mere beti ka pait b nh bharta
Answer: you take care of your healthy balanced diet for sufficient milk production Choose whole grain cerealsbased food which are full of nutrients and fibres like brown bread wheat and most important oatmeal it is very helpful and breast milk production Introduce some dairy products like yogurt ,glass of milk , cheese paneer daily Protein like eggs or pulses, chickpeas Include plenty of fruits and vegetables like spinach carrot , sweet potato, drumsticks, all type of gourds You can also have fennel seeds (saunf) with your vegetable seasoning or pop in as a mouth freshener it is very good to increase the breast milk production cumin seeds that is jeera powder is also known to boost the milk supply you can have cumin powder in butter milk or curd Take daily dose of dry fruits like Almonds cashew nut Walnuts etc along with this calcium Vitamin D and iron tablets for the quality milk production will help in the growth of your baby also Most important ,drink lots and lots of water If this not help then you should take lactonic granules one spoon in one glass of milk twice a day to increase the breast milk production
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Question: Mera feed bht kam ata hy baby ka pait nai bharta kya use kru
Answer: Hie Don't worry it takes time to establish milk flow Following are the remedies to increase breastmilk production. Make sure the baby is feeding efficiently The more baby sucks the more milk is produced Nurse baby frequently Offer both breast at each feeding and ensure you empty one before switching to the other one . Meethi seeds or methi leaves both form help in milk production . Include more of green vegetables in your daily diet . Oats, garlic , lentils and fennel tea all help to boost milk production . Have your glass of milk everyday to make up with the calcium loss. Have shatavari tabs 2 tabs twice a day they help with milk production
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Question: Mera baby 25 days ka hy mgr wo breast feeding nh krta bhot rota h
Answer: Try nipple sheild. If the baby doesn't drink milk at all try formula milk- simlac is good for the baby's growth and development
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