8 months old baby

Question: MerA bAby 7 n hAlf mnTh kA hO gYa...usNe tEeTh niKalne StArt kre h ... ..pehLe se WeAk ho gYa ...h . Chir chira sa b ho gYa h ..uski heAlth mEiN chNGE Na Aye ...aIsa kYa krU ...sgGt me frNdz..

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Answer: Teething always gives pain and makes baby irritable. At this age baby is getting molars which are very painful. So try offering soft foods, more of cold foods like cold mashed banana or cold apple puree or even try passing ice cube along baby’s gums or offer ice cold water in sips to ease the pain. Also, you can try rubbing on baby’s gums with your clean fingers . Do not worry as its temporary, once the teeth are out, your baby will be fine.”
Answer: Hi,aap baby ko solids debate shuru kijiye Aap use mashed fruits dijiye. Aap fruits puree dijiye Aap veg clear soup dijiye Aap Dal Ka Pani Rice Ka pani dijiye Aap use crushed nuts dear saktey Hain. Aap rawa upma in ghee dear saktey Hain Aap slowly Dal khichadi dear saktey Hain. Issue baby Ka tummy full rahegay aur baby cranky Nahi hoga Take care.
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Question: mera baby teeth nikalra h vo loose motion kri b ..kya kre ..or kya jisse easy teeth Nikal aye .. mostly bche weak ho jate h ..vo na ho uske lye
Answer: Loose motions rokne ke liye aap uski sabudana ki khichdi de sakte ho ya sabudana ka paani, chawal ka paani, saunf ka paani de sakte ho isse dene se bahut aram milega. Loose motions mein dahi aur ORS dens chahiye aajkal market mein ORS bahut se flavours mein available hain. Teething mein mostly aise hi hota hai but ye sab karne se bahut farak padega
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Question: Hlo mam,Mere baby ne abhi teeth nikalne start nii kiye h or na hi usne baithna shuru kiya h abhi.m kya kru jisse wo thoda strong bn paye.he is very weak.
Answer: Har bacha hota hai.. Teeth can come between 6-18 months of age don't worry.. Aap use pillows rake bitana shuru kardo.. Just for 5 10 min.. Slowly he will learn to sit.. Massage his body regularly he will become strong
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Answer: Pain toh waise hi khud ba khud start hojayegi.. Aap everyday 6 dates kha sakte hai.. Isse aapko Labour time Kam padtha hai and delivery bhi easy hogi.. Drink lots of water and do walking and squats
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