4 months old baby

Question: mera baby ko aj tikka laga hai 3 hour hogya hai usne toilet nai kya hai koi prlm to nai haina pls help

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Answer: Hii don't worry. It's nothing to worry. Just make sure to keep ur baby hydrated and feed him in between due to pain baby tends to feed less and prefer sleeping. Don't worry. Make sure max to max baby sleep.dis is the best way to sooth baby from vaccination side affect. All the best.
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    Priti Makhija906 days ago


Answer: It's fine. No problem
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Question: mera baby 2 months ka hai.. usne aj green potty ki.. yeh normal hai kya
Answer: 1) It can be bcoz --- if you giving formula, the high iron content in formula causes green poop 2) As the baby is now putting his/ her hands everywhr and the same in his mouth, chances of germs entering , and hence stomach infection..( not worrisome though unless n until its watery n frothy) Still consult paediac for assurance..A Stool test may be done.. 3) Just check if your baby has cold or cough because the mucus too causes poop to go green... 4) You eating spinach or coriander or such food doesnt affect your babys poop..!! Take care...
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Question: mera baby rat Ko soti nai hai...every one hour k Baad uth jati hai.. to kya Karu?
Answer: Hii baby Abhi daily routine aur schedule ke accordingly set nai hue hai. She will.need 3 months to adjust and understand when is day and when is night. For trying to make her schedule. Start her day from morning g 7. Then feed her. And massage and all. In the evening to plan her sleeping time before her sleeping massage her well and feed fully so that she may feel sleepy . It will take some time but things will be alright after some time. All.the best
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Question: Hi mera baby 3 days ka hai or feeding bhi aj se acche se karne laga hai but usko din mein ek hi bar toilet(urine) karta hai koi dikkat ki bat nai hai na
Answer: Hi dear, consult your doctor as only 3days baby is urinating for one time only in a day is not looking normal.. when my baby was that small he urinates and do the potty for whole day
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