1 months old baby

Question: Mera baby 40days ka hua hai but vo jabhi bhi soti hai nind mein hi..bahut body stretch karke awaz karti hain....aisa kyun hota hai.

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Question: Mera baby jab bhi nind may hota hai bich which may severe karta hai..aisa kyun hota hai?
Answer: Hi Don't worry it's normal as they are newborn and adjusting to the new surroundings so don't worry it would fade as time passes by and he is adjusted to the environment Try putting a light blanket on him when he sleeps to comfort him
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Question: Meri baby ka teething phase chal rha hai aur vo din mein bilkul nhi so rhi hai.. bas jab tak gaud mein le kar ghumate raho tabhi tak soti hai jaise hi bistar par sulao rone lagti hai.. nind aati hai par vo soti nhi hai kya karun jisse vo achi nind le sKe din me bhi
Answer: Teething ke time baccho ko bahut type ka irritation and pain Hota Hai ,Iski vajah se aap ki baby so nahi Pa raha hai . aap ek Fresh masline ka kapda lekar usko thoda Pani Mein bhigo ke ungli mein wrap Kar Lijiye abhi is ungli se aap apne baby K gum ko acche se message Kariye. Isse Uske gums ko Aaram Milegi Aur Baby thoda calm ho jayega
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Question: Hello dr . Plz help.. my baby is 16 days old... Baby continue feeding karta hain... Din bhar soti nahi.. rat ko bhi let soti hain ..sirf continue feeding hi chahiye usko.. aisa kyun kar rahi hain baby..
Answer: Hi dear not all babies are the same,some babies sleep alot in the day time n sleep less in the night n vice-versa and some babies like urs sleep less but don't worry there sleep pattern keeps changing and Ur baby will be fine.hope this helps
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Question: Mera baby 1 month 8days ka hai... woh Bahut body twist karke Awaz Karta rehta hai.... mujhe samjh Nahi aata woh Itna q Awaz Karta hai... kya Taklif hai usko
Answer: First of all stop worrying nothing has happened to your baby. Its quite a normal phenomena for baby to shake or jerk or twitch while sleeping. Babies have an immature nervous system and their movements are even more uncoordinated during sleep than when they're awake. These jerking/twitching movements are not like those that we adults have as we drift off to sleep. As baby grow he is experiencing the presence of his limbs but he isn't used to or aware of their need or movement. So when his limbs move involuntarily his sleep is disturbed and he is awake with a shudder. Whenever this happens immediately console your baby and put her back to sleep. Swaddle her. Swaddling is the perfect way to make newborn sleep without any disturbance. Check YouTube videos for to learn how to swaddle your baby correctly.
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