1 months old baby

Question: Mera baby 22days ka h 2 din se bhot fart mar rha h....is this normal????

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Answer: Hello dear if your baby poop smells bad, it may be because of the food you are consuming dairy products. Whatever it is you consume affects your baby's bowel movement, so if you eat a lot of gas producing food like broccoli, wheat, and more - your baby will feel gassy too. And where there's gas, there's odor!
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Question: Mere chest ke mid me 2 din se bhot pain ho rha h. Is this normal or not
Answer: Hello dear this is normal don't worry.. Heartburn during pregnancy can usually be managed with changes in diet, lifestyle, and habits. Because heartburn during pregnancy is thought to be caused by pregnancy hormones, heartburn will usually go away after delivery and no further treatment is needed. Raise the head of your bed. Lay on your left side at night. Don't bend over after eating. Don't bend at the waist; bend at the knees instead. Eating yogurt or drinking a glass of milk may help ease heartburn symptoms. If you are lactose intolerant choose lactose free products. Any specific foods that aggravate heartburn should be avoided (for example, coffee, cola, tea, alcohol, chocolate, fatty or fried foods, citrus fruits and juices, spicy foods, tomato, mint, etc. Eat small, frequent meals. Don't eat so fast! Try not to drink large amounts of liquids after the last meal of the day because the more empty the stomach is at bedtime, the less likely there will be reflux of acid. Sip liquids instead of drinking large glasses of liquids at once. Chewing gum may be helpful in providing relief from heartburn. Chewing gum stimulates saliva, which contains bicarbonate. The saliva and bicarbonate are swallowed, and the bicarbonate neutralizes the acid that has backed up (refluxed) into the esophagus. Ginger is as natural remedy that helps some people with an upset stomach, nausea, or vomiting try them...
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Question: Mera baby 2 nd half month ka h...2 4 din se green potty kr rha h....it's normal???
Answer: There are majorly 3 reasons for baby to pass green stool. First, imbalance in foremilk and hindmilk. When baby takes only foremilk he is likely to pass green stool. For this feed baby for minimum of 20mins each breast. This way he ll get hindmilk. Second, When baby has any bacterial or viral infection like cold and cough. Apply nutmeg paste on baby's chest feet and palms daily at night. And you can also use mustard garlic ajwain oil to massage his body. Third, It could be due to stomach infection. In this case get stool test done.
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Question: Mera beta 2 mnth 22days k h.... Usko 2-3 din se bhut khaasi h... Wo feed bhi nhi le rha h.. Ky krun
Answer:  Sabse phle to cough sahi krne ke liye doctor se miliye. Ek baar baby thik ho gai to normal breastfeeding start kar degi. Iske liye jyada presan na ho. Jitna wo milk leti h utna hi dijiye. Baby ko force mat kijiye. my pediatrics never suggested me any medicine but morning sun light and more milk.
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