7 months old baby

Question: mera baby 7 mnth + h bt abi tak wo apne ap bethna b ni janta.?

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Answer: hello dear dont worry kai babies apne aap utne me time lagat hai.. atleat 8 months tak..
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Question: Mera 5th mnth 22 September ko strt hua h. Bt abi tk baby ki movmnt ni hori??.. esa q??
Answer: If this is your first pregnancy it can take as long as 25 weeks to feel the baby movements.Also if you have anterior placenta or are obese perceiving baby movement gets more difficult. Please consult your doctor to know more.
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Question: Mera baby 7 month ka ho gya h BT WO abhi tak apne aap beth ni pata.kya kru?
Answer: Every child has a different growth curve. Few achieve their milestones before whereas few reach there a little late. Meanwhile you can help your baby to sit by giving him ample of floor time. Don't keep your baby snuggled up in rockers, chairs, stroller etc for long hours, this way he ll be more dependant on them rather than on himself. Keep objects/toys a little further from his reach , this exercise encourages baby to move towards them and eventually they figure out crawling. Also being at floor hus muscle will strengthen, the more he ll use his limbs more stronger he ll be getting. Many a time baby is apprehensive of moving as he doesn't know what he is supposed to do or because he falls. Whenever he falls gently pick him up kiss and hug and let me do it again. Don't scare baby by shouting or making fuss if his falling. Let him explore on his own. Make him sit with support for longer hours. Soon he ll be happily crawling.
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Question: my 8th mnth is runnig bt abi b milk aana strt ni hua...
Answer: Hii most cases me delivery ke 2se 3 days ke baad bhi milk aata hai .Mera tho 4 days ke baad aata tha. So tension Na le. Aa jayega. Healthy khana khaye.
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