4 months old baby

Question: Mera baby 3 mnth 23 days ka hai or Avi mera wait bhot kam hei to mujhe kiya krna chahiye k mera wait gain ho

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Answer: Tips which can help you in gaining weight - 1)Eat small and frequent meals , if you are eating 3 meals in a day break them down to 6 and try and have meals every 3-4 hours. 2)Even though you might feel that eating a burger,pizza with some coke and mountain dew would help you in gaining weight ,Beware!!.These foods can make you fat in the long run.Eat good and healthy food by that I mean good amounts of protein,healthy carbs and good fats.You need to build muscle and not a storehouse of fats. 3)Eating protein rich foods i.e foods like milk,paneer,chicken,eggs,fish and cheese becomes important because without enough protein in the diet the entire food would end up turning into carbs and ultimately fats. 4)Eat calorie dense foods like nuts(almond,walnut,cashew,pecan nuts,peanuts) and good amounts of fruits and veggies. 5)If you have to eat carbs then make sure you choose complex carbs like oatmeal,brown rice,quinoa and barley.Do not have too much of simple carbs(candies,doughnuts,pastries,cakes),remember these shall make you plum and not healthy. 6)Exercise!!Yes weight training can be your best friend if you have to put on weight and build some muscles.Resort to compound exercises like squats,bench presses,chin ups,pull ups and dips. 7)Sleep well,by that I mean sleep for at least 8 hours and while you are sleeping the body is building up some muscles. 8)Do not skip meals as if you have to gain weight you need to eat frequently.
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Question: Mere baby ka kbhi kbhi pet dard krta hei or bohot rota hei mujhe kiya krna cgahiye
Answer: Hello dear, It happens due to gas pain. Babies can  become gassy if the enzymes from gassy foods are transferred through breast milk. Cut gas-inducing foods such as beans and cauliflower from your diet to see if it makes a difference in your baby's comfort after eating. Massaging your baby's belly in a downward motion can also help relieve gas pain....Giving your baby time to burp after a feeding can help remove excess air through the mouth. Gripe water is a completely natural mixture of herbs, that are known to settle an upset stomach. you may be more comfortable trying it to see if it makes a difference in your baby's gas pains. Hope it helped... Take care urself...
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Question: Mera Dr. Kahe rahe hei k baby ka weight bohot Kam hei or pani vi Kam hei mujhe to darr lag rahi hei k kya hoga kya karu Mei?
Answer: eat protien rich food for weight increase and watermelon coconut water and cucumber and agriprime sachets for fluid increase
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Question: Mera baby 9month K ho gya hai bit mera wait Loos Ho gya to wait gain K liye kya kru
Answer: Aap apne nutritionist ko consult karye. Woh aapko ek sahi diet batayenge.
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