4 months old baby

Question: Mera baby curd like milk sath water bhi nikalta h.3 months ka h abi

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Answer: These are common in babies... nothing to worry!!
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Question: 3 month ka he baby curd milk bahot nikalta he aesa kyu
Answer: jab baby ko dakaar nahi aati hai tabhi WO milk bahar nikaalta hai
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Question: Mera baby 4 month ka hai.after every fedding wo curd milk nikalta hai.
Answer: Burp the baby properly after feed. If the curd is frequent consult doctor and get medicine
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Question: mmera baby 2 months ka h jb bhi dudh pita h kuch der bad nikalta h kbhi milk form me kbhi curd form me...jbki me burp bhi krwati hu kbhi nhi kr pata asa q h
Answer: There are a few reasons why this happens to kids/babies. The more common reason would be that the baby is full of milk, especially when so small and young, they burp and it comes up and exits the nose and mouth. The nose and throat are connected and in such a tiny being they are even closer together leading to this being much more common than you would expect. Unless your child is constantly doing it and it clearly causes pain, not to be confused with discomfort, I would not be too worried about it. Have you ever burped and it came through your nose? If your kid is clearly in pain and this happens very often then I would consult your doctor. It could be a more serious matter such as acid reflux or other issues that may need medications or further observation to be determined
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