7 months old baby

Question: mera baby 7 month ka hai but vo only 6 kg ka hai kya karu ki uska weight badh jaye

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Answer: Hi aapka 7 month ka baby Agar sirf 6kg ka hai lekin active playful hi milestones achieve kar raha hai age ke hisab se so please Chinta mat kijiye baby ko accha khana dijiye aur feet karwi acche se aap pumpkin banana sweet potato ghee Yeh Sab baby ki diet include kar sakte hain Aise Bhi weight increase hoga Hope this helps!
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Question: mera baby 2.3 kg ka hua hai...abi weak hai....kya kru jisse uska weight badh jaye
Answer: From now till labour your baby will grow at very rapid rate, for which you need to provide extra calories from nutrients dense food, so that your baby gains weight in healthy manner. Eat a balanced and nutrition rich diet. Try to keep your diet as natural as possible with loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also include whole grains, proteins(lean meat/lentils) and dairy products(cheese, paneer,ghee) to your meals. Take your prenatal vitamins regularly. It compensates for any gaps in your nutrition intake and acts as a healthy supplement for your and your baby’s health Include dry fruits and nuts in your diet as they have healthy fats Stay relaxed and positive at all times. When you are over anxious, you tend to under-eat or overeat (mostly wrong and unhealthy food choices) Drink lots of water. Dehydration during pregnancy can cause many complications like headaches, acidity, indigestion, heartburn etc and can also cause contractions. Take care.
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Question: mera baby 7.5 month ka h uska weight only 6 kg h...plz uska weight gain kse kru....suggest me
Answer: Hi. Aap neche diye diet chart folow kariye dear. Hi. Once baby is 7 month old you can experiment with food now . Always make sure you have introduced a food item singly before adding it to a combination of foods. This way you can keep track of any allergies / reactions etc. At 7 months, you can introduce the below foods Fruits: Chikku, Papaya Apple, peach, banana, muskmelon, plums Vegetables : beetroot, tomato, bottle gourd, beans, peas,carrot, Cereals: rice, ragi, duji, sabudana Dairy: cheese, ghee , butter. Egg For 7 month baby, you can offer one meal and a snack for a day. Rest should be breastfeeding or formula milk . Chose the timings for meal and snack according to your baby's preference., but avoid giving any solids after 7 pm.
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Question: mera baby 2 days ka hai lekin uska weight bhut kam hai kya kru jisse weight badh jaye
Answer: hello dear congratulations on becoming mom.. weight badhne ke liye aapko baby ko continous feed kijiye for every two or three hours.. and dekhiye ki aapka baby 17-18 hours sona chahiye..
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