Few weeks old baby

Question: Mera baby 2 din see potty nahi kar raha hai Main Kya Karoon bas gas pass kar raha hai aur toilet kar raha hai

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Answer: I don't worry it is normal if the breast feed baby passes motion once in 3 to 4 days and at the same time it is normal if the baby passes motion 3 to 4 times in a day so do not worry you can still apply coconut oil or Vaseline to the anus of the baby which will help the baby and if you are breastfeeding your baby you should include this in your diet more of water adequate intake of water and fluids you should take more of fibrous food like green vegetables carrots and prunes juice and banana and papaya in which will also help the baby
Answer: hi dear , It's not unusual for a breastfed baby to go for few days without a potty.You might suggest you soak your baby in a warm bath, massage his tummy which can all help loosen his stools however dont worry it would be fine and perfectly ok if no potty for a few days .
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Question: Meri beti 4 Din Se potty nahi kar rahi hai. Aero rahi hai . Tumhe Kya Karoon
Answer: Keep breastfeeding your baby dear. Make sure in what you are eating because whatever you eat that directly effects the baby. Avoid eating spicy oily gassy food which make baby constipated or they get loose motion. Your diet should be very mild and we'll balanced. Drink lots of water dear. Give baby tummy time twice a day, massage baby's stomach using castor oil clock wise and anti clock wise motion which helps releasing gass and pass stool. Make baby legs like bicycle paddle moments helps in construction to pass motion.
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Question: Baby ko gas bahot banti hai aur poo bhi 3din see nahi kar Raha Kya kare
Answer: Hi dear you normal baat hai ki baby teen din se potty Na kare agar aap ka doodh pi raha hai aap baby ko anticlockwise direction mein massage Karen pet par saath mein usko ulta leta hai is se baby theek message karega
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Question: Mera baby 5 month ka ho gaya hai 2 din ho gae Usne potty nai ki Aur bad smelling gas pass kar raha hai Mujhe kya Karna chahiye
Answer: This is quite normal dear so nothing to worry. To aid your baby release all gases, give him lots of tummy time, massage his tummy in circular motion and feed him more frequently.
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