13 months old baby

Question: Mera baby 2-3 baad mai ek bar vomit jarur karta hai.. And uska weight bhi reduce ho raha hai.He is 1 year 2 month old. Kya karun ki uska weight bhi gain ho jaye. Aur vo chalne bhi start kar de..

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Question: Hi mera baby 1 yr ka hai, wo har food khata hai phir bhi weight gain nai hora uska aur per day 2-3 time potty karta hai
Answer: Hi, it's OK don't worry. Babues are active and so their weight is not seen. As long as the baby is healthy and playful there is no thing to worry about Keep feeding the baby at regular intervals You can give cheese, ghee, butter that have fats that will help to increase weight. You should also give carbs like rice potatoes, corn, bread This a I'll help.
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Question: mera 1 half year ka baby ko kuch khilao start me hi potty karta aur uske thodi thodi der urine ya fir vomit, ye sab karne ke baad uska tummy ek tight aur fula rehta h..kyu
Answer:  Ur baby always get ill because the week immunity system.first u should try to build it. Increase veggie and fruit intake as well as foods with Essential Fatty Acids (nuts, seeds and fish), decrease dairy, refined and processed foods and increase local/organic foods. As 70% of our immune system is in our digestive system, it’s extremely important that we keep our digestion healthy and feed ourselves good foods! Go for lots of colorful whole foods. Vitamin D. In the winter, we don’t get outside as much so our bodies don’t make as much Vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important in the immune system, so get the kids out to play as much as possible.sunlight is good source of vitamin D.
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Question: mera beta shubh se 3 bari potty kar chuka h vo bhi bikul liquid type. jabki vo 2 din mei ek bar karta tha . usse thand lag gai h toh usse kya de sakte h . taki vo potty Na kare
Answer: nahii usse thand nahi...woh bacche aksaar gaur kijiyega cloths lick karte hai skin waigaira iss wajhse potty hoti hai woh b liquid type usse neopeptine dijiye 6 drops agar woh 5 mnth tak ka ho
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