5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mera ar husbnd ka blood group B+ h,same same honey se kuch prblm th ni??

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Answer: Hello ...... same blood group have no problem ....when both the person have blood group like B+ so no problem with the baby if the any one have Rh - nd another person have Rh + so opposite reaction mostly occures if not known the person ....nd may problem occur to the baby like heamolitic disease of new born nd many other thes diseas occures due to incompatible Rh group......thats why blood group factor are first of all conformed by Doctor...hopefuly u get ur answer. Is dis helpful for u...
Answer: Nhi koi problem nhi hai
Answer: Nhi..
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Question: Mera r merey husband ka blood group same hy is se koi problem.to ni hy
Answer: No never blood group ki kabhi bhi pregnancy mai problem nai aati only rh factpr matter karta hai. Rh factor means k blood group positive hai ja negative ,us me bhi agar husbandwige dono ka blood grp ek jaisa ho i mean to say postive ja neg koi bhi ho to problem nao aati but agar opposite ho to bhi sirf 2nd pregnancy mai problem aati hai 1st mai to tab bhi koi problem nai aati . I hav explained a lot taki aap ko clear ho sake blood grp ka concept.
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Question: Hi mera aur mere husband ka blood group same h B+ kya baby ko kuch problem hoga
Answer: Hi dear koi bhi problems nahi hai dear. Koi tension ki baat nahi hai same blood group hone se.
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Question: If blood group of husbnd n wife r same tab bhi prenancy rahti h kya???
Answer: Hie Yes of course no problem there if it's is opposite then you do have some problems I and my husband had the same pregnancy no problem all well baby has the same blood group as well now
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Question: Mam mera & mere husband ka same blood group o+. Mam baby ko koi prblm toh nhi hoti na. Is it gud to have same o+ blood group
Answer: Hi. Yes its good to be of same blood group there is no problem with this. It would be a little problem when father is of positive blood group and mother of negative blood group as if in second pregnancy women concievd with postive blood group baby it can be dangerous.
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