20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mera abhi 5 th month hi chl rha h or weight bhut hi jyda gain ho gya h kya kru ..abhi s 76 ho gya h

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Answer: Dear aapka vate bahut badh gaya hai aapko isko control karna hoga aap side food oily food sweets avoid kijiye jyada se jyada fruits green vegetables pulses Apne diet may include kijiye ho sake to aap walk bhi kijiye
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Question: Mera baby ka sar grm bhut rehta h kya kru m ..or bhut iritate rehta h
Answer: Hi dear.. Warm head is common in babies and nothing to worry. 🌀It may be due to 👉Lack of movement causes overheating in the head, which the body tries to control by sweating to bring down the heat. 👉A child may “feel hot” without having an actual increase in body temperature so if you think your child may have a fever and are concerned, USE A THERMOMETER to check the actual temperature. 👉 Sometimes, Teething causes the baby's head to get warmer. For relief, give teether to babies. 🌀Follow these tips.. 👉Keep baby well hydrated., Feed more oftenly or provide more liquid, ur choice. 👉Take your baby to a cooler room. 👉Dress your baby in light clothing. 👉Apply coconut oil and do head massage. 👉Sponge your baby in lukewarm/cooler water, if u feel too hot. 👉If symptoms do not improve, then contact your pediatrician.
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Question: Mera 20 weeks pregnancy ka ho gya h. Mujhe bhut jara constipation ho rha h.
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy last month i was facing constipation issue too. My dr suggest me to drink plenty of water. Around 10 glasses nd 3to 4 ltr liquids a day is recommended. advised to go 4 walk nd high-fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains nd prune juice nd warm milk before bed time s also helpful .nd i try it its heloful 4 me .try it
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Question: Hi mam mera pahle hi bhut jyda h ... to ise kuch pregnancy mei complications ho skte h kya
Answer: Dear ab kis barey mein baat kar rahe ho. Is it your weight. Agar aapki weight jyada hi to aap light Healthy diet maintain karo taaki aapki wajan zayada badh jaaye. Din Mein kam se kam 3 se 4 litre Pani Jarur Piye. Koi bhi oily and spicy chij mat khaaye. Hope it helps. Tk care.
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