14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mera 4th month chal raha hai kya mai bleach aur hair colour kar sakhti hu

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Answer: During pregnancy the volume of blood in the woman's body increases this makes her even more sensitive to chemicals. Most of the hair treatments involve chemicals. A small amount of chemicals gets absorbed by the scalp. Although there is slight possibilities that the chemicals may pass through the blood stream and affect the baby.
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Question: Hello experts ...kya main fasting kar sakhti hu Ramadan chal raha hai yahan
Answer: Hi dear Assalamu Alaikum if you can fast it is good that you and your baby will gain the the goodness of the fasting but if you have any health issues any dehydration problem or if you feel like a weekend fainting then you can leave the fast take it later because it's there in a holy Quran that pregnant ladies nursing ladies and weak ladies in leave the fast and take it up later
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Question: Dr mera third month chal raha hai kya mai rooza rakh sakhti hun
Answer: Dear apko hydrate rehenanchahiye.....aur app bhooki nehi rehasakthi...accidity hojatha he o acchi bath nahi he....app ko tode tode der me kuch na kuch tk khana padega....baby ke liye...aur zyada pani pina padega....kuki pani kam piyenge to constipation hojayega....isse accha he bagavan ka nam ligiye our app iss bar math rakhiye....aur appka baby ko healthy payiye....
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Question: mera 4th month chal raha hai kya mai sex kr sakti hu
Answer: Yes! It is safe to have sex throughout your 9 months if you have a normal pregnancy. If you have a history of cervical weakness or bleeding then please consult your Doctor first.
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Question: Hi , mera 8th month chal raha hai .. Kya mai pet pe wax kar skti hu ?
Answer: Hello dear Pregnancy me aapki Skin itchy ho jati hai jiski wajah se agar aap wax krti hai to Aapko kafi pain ho sakta hai. Aur agar aap pet pr wax karana chahti hai to better hai ki aap avoid kare.
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