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Question: Menstrual like cramps at 38th week of pregnancy? What does it mean??

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Answer: Hi dear... Mild abdominal cramps and spotting is normal during pregnancy.. if it's severe consult your doctor immediately....
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Question: What does a period like cramps indicates during 36 week of pregnancy plzzz tell someone?????
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy period like cramps may indicate acidity or the start of labour drink jeera water and wait for sometime the gap between cramps reduces slowly if it is labour and induses labour so if you find any other symptoms such as fluid leakage contact doctor otherwise nothing to worry take care
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Question: What does contraction feel like does it feels like period cramp what does it mean in 31 week of pregnancy
Answer: Period like cramps mostly mean Braxton Hicks...which is false labour...when your body slowly prepares for childbirth... actual contractions will start from the lower back and pain will come till stomach...you will feel waves of pain at regular intervals....
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Question: periods like cramps since morning and lot of backache... what does it mean ??
Answer: As u r 36 weeks pregnant.. The pains may be of labour.. Consult ur gynaecologist.. Be happy stay blessed
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