7 months old baby

Question: Meney itney questions kiyeeee magar ye dr sumaiyasayed bilkul mere question ko answer nahi karti. I am hurt

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Question: Mam i asked 3 questions ..you not at All answer any question ..pls answer me
Answer: Hi.. Dear it is a mom junction, where one mother try to help another mother. It might be due to lot of traffic, your query was unanswered. Rewrite your query I will try to help you.
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Question: Hi...Dr.Sumaiyyah i am not recieving the new answer question...and also not getting the answers of new my questions?
Answer: Hi,sorry for the inconvenience caused due to delay in answering I would request you to repost your querry here and I shall answer the was.
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Question: Mere questions ke answer nahi show ho rahe mujhe
Answer: Hi, sorry dear. You please ask yoir query again and i will answee you take care.
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