15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mem kya pregnancy m sex krna chahiye or kitne month tk krna chahiye....

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Answer: Hi. Aap sex kar sakte ho puri pregnancy me. Lekin sirf tab jab apki pregnancy me koi complication na ho.
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Question: Pregnancy k kitne month tak sex krna safe h ya kitne month tak sex krna chahiye ?
Answer: Hello! Unless your health care provider advises you otherwise, sex during pregnancy is safe for both you and your baby. The baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in the womb, by your abdomen, and by themucus plug which seals your cervix and helps guard against infections.
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Question: Pregnancy me sex krna kya safe hai agr hai to kitne month tk
Answer: Yes, generally it is safe after 3rd month. In special cases like low lying placenta doctor advised to avoid intercourse. So pls check with your gynac. Be open with her and don't hold back because of shyness. All the best!
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Question: pregnancy k tym 1 week m kitne tym sex krna chahiye....i m 19 weeks pregnant
Answer: Aise koi nhin hn sex nhi karna cahiye during pregnancy days. 😊..u can hv everyday bt in comfortable position ..happy pregnancy days
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