16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: pregency mein insure powder le sakte hai kya??

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Answer: Hii yes u can have but jyada Aacha hoga agar aap milk supplement wo lo Jo pregnant ladies ke lie hota hai jaise mama proteinex , mothers Horlicks.
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Question: pregency mein face clean up facial karwa sakte hai kya??
Answer: Ji bilkul... Khudko pamper zaroor karna chahiye is phase mein..sirf pedicure avoid karen..
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Question: kya proteinex powder doodh ke sath le sakte hai ??
Answer: Hello Nahi.. aap protienex ya aur koi powder nahi kha sakti hai. Until and unless aap ke doctor has proscribed. These powders if taken without a prescription can be dangerous as they contain chemicals that can harm you or your baby.
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Question: kya 8th month mein coffee le sakte hai?
Answer: Too much of coffee can be harmful. Coffee is not advisable in pregnancy due to many reasons like, it has high value of caffeine and if you consume more than 200mg of caffeine a day you'll have a higher risk of miscarriage or having a baby with a low birth weight , you can also suffer from severe headache. So, please avoid as much possible.
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Question: Tmatar ki chutney khatii mithii pregency mein kha sakte hai kya?garm to nahi hoti kya??
Answer: tomato s good source of vit c.. aap kha sakty ho..no issues
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