17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: me 26 week pregnant hu mere pairo m swelling ane lgi h Kya y normal h?????

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Answer: It's normal but sometimes it shows sign of thioroid , which is common in pregnancy but consult with doctor bcz medication is also important for that
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Question: Mere dono pairo me swelling hai, kya isse delivery pr effect padega, 35 week pregnant hu,
Answer: Hi, Foot, leg and ankle swelling during pregnancy is common and usually goes away after delivery. In the meantime, it might help to.. Stay off your feet. Avoid standing for long periods. When you can, sit with your feet up and occasionally rotate your feet at the ankles and gently flex your feet to stretch your calf muscles. Better yet, lie down with your legs elevated. Sleep on your left side.It also might help if you elevate your legs slightly with pillows.  Be physically active every day. Take walks, ride a stationary bike. Stand or walk in the pool. Wear loose clothing. Tight clothing can restrict blood flow.  Some research suggests that foot massage and reflexology, which involves applying pressure to certain areas of the feet, hands and ears, might help decrease foot and ankle swelling during pregnancy. Also, swelling doesn't mean cutting back on how much you drink. The Institute of Medicine recommends about 10 cups (2.4 liters) of fluids a day during pregnancy. Although mild foot and ankle swelling during pregnancy is normal, sudden swelling that is painful — especially if it's in one leg only — could be an indication of a blood clot.
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Question: mere pairo m swelling aagyi h.24 week h mera
Answer: Dear high blood.flow.aur lower body mai water restriction aur disturbance ke karan foot mai swelling aa jati hai ye baht normal hai aap bas try kare ki jyada der khade na ho, jab bhi baithe apne legs ke niche pillow rakhe aur foot par garam pani ka seek kare aur rest kare usse swelling mai aram milega..
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Question: Mere pairo m swelling start ho gai h kya kru.
Answer: It's normal at this stage of pregnancy. But for normalise it , take a foot rest n avoid hanging of Ur legs for long time
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Question: hi m 6 month pregnent hu mere pairo me bahut swelling aa rhi h m kya kru?
Answer: Swelling are common during pregnancy due to a number of factors. The increased weight on the feet causes feet to swell. There are also a number of hormonal changes taking place during pregnancy that can cause it to swell. Also during 3rd trimester, excess swelling cud b due to increased blood volume and circulation. Our prego bodies are working very hard during this last trimester to pump blood and sometimes the increased pressure in the veins leading to the extremities causes swelling. Deficiencies in folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B-12 can contribute to it, so pls get urself checked fr tat I suggest you keep ur feet in running cold water for 2-3 times in a day or use a bag of frozen peas against the painful area on your wrist. Gently exercise to move the excess fluid, and keep your legs raised whenever possible. Drinking chamomile tea could also help. Exercise & massage helps to relieve the pain.
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