14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: me 13 week pregnant hu kya me sabudana kha Sakti hu isme koi problem to nhi

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Answer: Hi, yes you can eat Sabudana, I had cravings for Sabudana vada during my pregnancy and I did eat them, it was all good. Just make sure you don’t overeat, eat in limited quantity and you should be fine.
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Question: Me 13 week pregnant hu ur mujhe thyroid ki problem b hai kya me isme non veg or sweets khaa sakti hu isse thyroid badega to ni
Answer: Non veg or Sweets ka thyroid se koi link nai hai u may eat anything I am also suffring frm thyrd... n 20 weeks pragnt too. I take Thyronom 100 mg every morning and i am totlly fit n fine...
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Question: Kya main fruit bread kha sakti hu..isse mere baby ko koi problem to nhi hogi ??
Answer: Hello! Haan, aap fruit bread kha sakti hain. Par regular khana avoid karein aur occasionally lene ki kosis karein Take care
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Question: mera 5th month h. kya me bread kha sakti hu. usme meda hota h to koi problem to nhi na?
Answer: Hello Yes you can give bread to ur baby it's a tasty snack. But try giving brown bread instead as too maida can cause complications like loose motions or indigestion constipation etc. Brown bread is a healthier option than the white bread.
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Question: kya me green turmuric kha sakti hu...13 week pregranency me..muje khasi bahot he.
Answer: hi, you can definitely have green turmeric. infact it is very good during pregnancy. the benefits are- relieving joint inflammation, swelling, and pain thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Boosting the immune system against infections. take care
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