9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 8week me kya precautions lene chahiye

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Answer: Gram Koi bhi chej Nhi Lena tea coffee Kuch nhi
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    sujjusujju07@gmail.com tripathi1378 days ago

    thank u😊

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Question: Grhan m kya precautions lene chahiye .Plz suggest
Answer: Hi Solar or lunar eclipse is considered a bad omen and harmful for a pregnant woman. The eclipse is believed to affect the developing baby by causing a physical problems or birthmarks.  However, there is no scientific proof to this. Besides staying indoors, there are other dos and don'ts that are most commonly followed ones: Don't use a sharp object such as a knife, scissors or a needle for the duration of the eclipse Rest as much as you can while the eclipse is on Cover the windows with newspaper or thick curtains so that no rays of the eclipse enter your home Throw away all cooked food from before the eclipse Take a bath after the eclipse is over Don't eat anything during the eclipse Be careful not to go too long without food or drink. Not drinking for long can put you at risk of dehydration and can cause headaches, fatigue, acidity or even fainting.
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