9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: sonografy kis kis mnth me hoti hai?

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Answer: These are the number of scans, blood test and urine tests done during pregnancy. In this list triple marker test is done only is dual/double marker test shows any abnormalities. 1. Upto 10 weeks : CBC and Peripheral smear, Blgr Hb, HIV VDRL, Hepatitis and TSH, Urine routine, HCT 75g/2 hrs, USG Dating scan.  2. 11-14 wks : USG (NT Scan) and double marker 3. 16-18 wks : triple marker 4. 18-20 wks : USG (anomaly scan) 5. 24 wks : GCT 75g/2 hrs, Hb 6. 32-34 wks : Hb, Urine, USG (growth scan) 7. 38-41 wks : USG
Answer: in all month
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