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Question: Sugges me food for 5 month baby

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Answer: According to a study when a baby doubles his weight then his needs increased and bf is not sufficient ...so u can start other liquids then semisolids ...even my daughter is 5 months and Dr adv ced to give solids ...and I m giving ..
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Question: Sugges me food of my baby age 3years and 8month
Answer: You need to give 5 times a day meal that include two times snacks. Snacks itself should be heavy so that baby won't feel hungry for 2-3 hours.it can be some heavy shakes, fruit with cereal porridge, energy booster halwa or ladoos, some tasty soup, fruit salads etc. Apart from that include high protein and calcium diet for baby growth height etc . Don't give arreated drinks, caffeinated drinks. You can make healthy snacks quickly. From egg wrap to vegetable pasta every option is healthy and it's your creativity to make it healthy. Focus more on healthy breakfast. Breakfast should be healthy and as baby go to school try to pack 2 separate tiffins for snacks and lunch. Healthy and tasty snack will work as a energy booster. And offcourse the lunch. Don't forget to feed nicely after school and eve snack is important like snakes and smoothies.even home made fruit ice cream works well. And lastly dinner followed by a glass of milk.and don't forget to brush the teeth just before bed for proper oral care.
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