20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: muh me chhale aur tonsil ho gye hi kal rat se... also hath pairo me dard.. 5month running

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Answer: Hello dear.. pains here and there are part and parcel of pregnancy phase. And mouth ulcers are sign of dirty stomach, would suggest you to clean your stomach by drinking lots of water, and u can take b-complex vitamin by consulting your doctor for ulcers . You can also do icing on your feet with the help of ice bag.. and for tonsils, gargles are the best solution. You can do gargles with warm water and see if it works. And if symptoms for these gets worse then pls do seek doctor as well.. there should be no neglegence in pregnancy. But all these things arw cureable at home too.. all the best
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Question: hi frnds... mere muh me chhale ho gye hai... plz kuchh suggest kre..
Answer: Apply toothpaste over the sores to treat them. Avoid drinking hot liquids like tea, coffee and avoid oily, spicyfood. This will only aggravate the condition of the mouth ulcers. Consume a diet that is rich in calcium and vitamin C, for e.g., foods like yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and orange juice.
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Question: constipation k karan muh me Chhale pad gye hain ...3 se 4 din ho gye abhi tk thik nhi hue. .kya kren. ?
Answer: Constipation is very painful yet common in pregnancy, but if not treated in time will create trouble in your pregnancy even after delivery. There are few remedies that you can try for yourself. 1. When you get up in the morning, drink a glass of warm water with lemon. 2. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil before each meal. The oil which help soften and lubricate the stool. 3. Eat high-fiber foods such as whole grain cereals and breads, brown rice, and beans as well as fresh fruits and vegetables every day. 4: Go for a long walk (or a repetitive walk close to the toilet). 5: Take a glass of warm water or herbal tea before bed. 6: Stew on the stove half a cup of dried fruits such as apricots or prunes with a cupful of water. Cook till the fruit is soft and then mash it and eat the whole thing including liquids in the morning before eating anything else. 7: Avoid caffeinated drinks. 8. Go to the toilet when you have the urge, don't put it off. 9: To ease the stool passing, rub some organic oil (e.g. virgin coconut oil) on your bottom area. 10. Drink lots of water throughout the day. 11. Have rich fibre diet like oats, pomegranate with seeds etc . 12. Go for walk daily. 13. Consult ayurvedic doctor for medication.
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Question: Aj mere pet me Bahut dard ho rahi hai Aur white discharge bhi ho raha hai swelling bhi hai hath pairo me
Answer: Hi dear, if discharge is creamy white dan it's ok but if the vaginal discharge is green or yellowish, strong smelling, and/or accompanied by redness or itching, you may have a vaginal infection. Some tips to ease: 1 Elevate your feet when resting, if possible. 2 Use a heating pad or gentle massage on the back of your thigh . 3 soak your legs in hot water. 4 Avoid standing for long hours . 5 Try taking a hot shower or bath 6 start low impact exercises like walk. 7reduce salt intake
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