3 months old baby

Question: me apne baby k mustard oil( ajwain +garlic) lgati hu or sote tym tarpin oil lgati hu thand se bchne k liye. ab use sardi ho gyi h to meri saas olive oil lgvati h ..kya kru konse oil lgau or konsa nhi or dabur red oil ki b massage 1 2 din kri h bs

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Answer: it's really heartwrenching to see your little baby suffer. Before suggesting you remedies for his cold, I would like to point out the issues/reason which have infected your baby with cough and cold. First, keep your baby’s room warm. It shouldn't be too hot and dry. As dryness is favourable condition for bacteria/virus to cause congestion. Whenever using blower/heater always place a bowl of water next to it. It will keep the room humid. Humidity inhibits bacterial/viral growth. Second, In winters always dress your baby in layers rather than making him wear heavy sweater or jackets. Start with cotton vest, thermals, light sweater, jacket if going out. Too many clothes might heat up baby's body more than required and cause suffocation. When you remove his clothing for diaper change or massage his body comes in contact with temperature which is quite low from his, the sudden change in temperature can make your baby ill. Third, while bathing make sure the place is airtight means there is no scope for direct breeze to enter. Next steam the place before bringing in the baby. Let hot water run for while this will increase the temperature of the place. water used to bath baby shouldn't be too hot or cold. After bathing dry your baby completely, especially his hair no water should be dripping from his head. Cover him properly then come out of the washroom. Dress up baby immediately and breastfeed him. Fourth, before touching baby make sure your hands are warm. Now coming to remedy part- If your baby is suffering from dry cold and cough first thing is to get a humidifier. As dryness in the air make it more difficult for baby to breathe. Add 2 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to it or put it on baby’s cloth. its will heal the blocked nose. Next massage your baby chest with desi ghee mixed with sendha namak. in case of runny cold. First use a nose bulb to clear out the mucus. Keep doing it throughout the day. Massage baby with mustard garlic ajwain oil. Apply nutmeg paste on baby's chest feet and palms daily at night. Hope this helps your baby to recover soon
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Question: hello... I m 20 Week pregnant me daily apne tummy pr din 2 Baar coconut oil or olive oil mix kr k lgati hu. bt fir bhi skrecht Mark aa rahe h.... Kisi ne coconut or olive oil me haldi wagera mix kr k ek home remedie btai thi plz.... ap mijhe vo dubara bta sakte h..... plz
Answer:  Apply castor oil on the stretch marks and massage the area gently in circular motion for about five to ten minutes. Use a plastic bag to cover the area, roll a hot water bottle on it for about 30 to 40 minutes. The heat opens the pores and the oil gets absorbed into the pores. Clean the area and repeat it every day for at least a month to see good results. Other Oils: Various oils like coconut, almond, avocado, castor and vitamin E can be mixed in equal proportions and applied on the skin. You can also use them to massage the region. You can also use any one oil and use as a massage oil. Aloe Vera: Aloe vera promotes healing and soothes your skin. Use fresh gel rather than the one available in the market. Rub it directly over the skin, leave for 15 minutes and wash it off using lukewarm water. Apply on the affected areas regularly. You can also prepare a mixture of one-fourth cup of aloe vera gel with oil from five vitamin A and ten vitamin E capsules. Rub it over the skin until it is completely absorb Honey: The antiseptic property of honey works in reducing stretch marks. Take a small cloth and apply honey on it. Place the cloth on the affected area and let it remain until it turns dry. Rinse off using warm water. Or you can prepare honey scrub by mixing it with salt and glycerin. Apply it on the stretch marks, leave until it dries and rinse off using water. Egg White: Egg white is rich in protein, which helps rejuvenate the skin and makes it look fresh. Beat two egg whites using a fork. Clean the affected area with water and apply a thick layer of egg white using a makeup brush. Let it dry and then rinse off using cold water. Apply some olive oil to keep the skin supple and moisturized. Repeat it every day for at least two weeks. It helps improve your skin tone, and the marks fade away slowly. Sugar: Sugar is one of the best remedies for stretch marks. It exfoliates your dead skin, and your stretch marks turn lighter. Take one tablespoon of sugar, mix with some almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice. Use it as a scrub before you go for a shower. Do this every day for a month. Lemon Juice: The acidic property of lemon juice works in healing stretch marks. Rub fresh lemon juice on the affected area. Leave it for about 10 minutes so that the juice soaks into your skin. Rinse off using warm water. Apply every day for better results. Or you can also make a mixture of lemon and cucumber juice in equal proportions and apply it on the stretch marks.
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Question: Hlw baby k massage k lie konsa olive oil best h bertoli ka ya figaro mai bertoli use krti hu
Answer: Coconut oil is best for baby massage. You can also use almond oil, olive oil or Figaro oil all are helpful to baby. You can choose any depending upon the skin type of your baby and which suits your baby.
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Question: Mai apne baby ko pure mustard oil se massage kartu hu...kya ue sahi h for baby girl...ya fir keo karpit ka olive oil kaisa rahga??
Answer: Don't use mustard oil it will make her skin dry and cause rashes and dandruff. Use baby oil
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