28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Me and my husband have same o- blood group ....is there any risk in this situatiom

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Answer: Having same blood group is not a risk if both of you have negative then your baby will also be O negative so should not worry
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Question: My blood group is o negative..and my husband have o positive blood group...any risk?
Answer: There will not be any risk if this is your first pregnancy. Immediately after first pregnancy consult your doctor and have antidote for it. So that it will reduce complications during second pregnancy. All the best.
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Question: My blood group is o+ and my husband blood group is also same is there any complication to my baby?
Answer: Noway ur baby also get d same blood group 😊 no complications would occur dnt worry😊
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Question: My blood group is O positive and same is the blood group of my husband.... Is there any problem?
Answer: Hi dear...it's absolutely safe for ur baby...as u both have positive rh factor i.e both O positive so baby will also have O positive...so no need to worry...if u have O negative and ur husband O positive then only u have to consider
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