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Question: Me and my husband haf same blood group that is A negative any problems ?

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Answer: No dear.... If your are Rh negative and your husband is Rh positive it can cause erythroblastosis fetalis....
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Question: My blood group is o negative,my husband blood group is o positive,in future any complication are came to me
Answer: Dear normal negative blood groups does not cause any problems .but during pregnancy!being rh negative can be a problem if baby is rh early pregnancy it can cause miscarriage if you have been sensitized. if your blood and babys blood mix, your body will start making antibodies against the babys RBC causes severe anemia and brain problems to the you should get anti d injections during pregnancy and within 72 hours after delivery.take care
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Question: Hello Dr, Is the any problem in pregnancy if husband and wife has same blood group. Our blood group is A+.
Answer: No dear If wife is Rh negative and husband is Rh positive.. it can cause problem.... Both Rh positive won't cause any problem
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Question: if husband and wife blood group is same at that time is there any problem to conceive
Answer: Blood type had no effect on your ability to have and maintain a happy and healthy marriage... Don't get confused their is no issues to conceive.... Just Plan for it dear 😊
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