15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Me and my husband had sex once in a month..i'm 14th week pregnant...is it safe in early pregnancy? I mean abhi tak mujhe koi problem nhi hua...sex ke baad koi pain bhi nhi hota..now my husband demanding more and even i'm feeling the same...from the beginning to now at 14th week each time when we go for checkup doctor told us everything is fine..baby is healthy and no need to worry...so can we have sex more often.?

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Answer: Yes u cn have it is normal .... Sex doesnt create any problem ....but be carefull that u dont give any pressure on ur stomach
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Question: I used to have mild palpitations, anxiety and nervousness mixed now and then in the beginning, but now feel better. Is that fine?
Answer: Hi... palpitations anxiety nervousness mix of emotions are all due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy ... it's completely fine ... relax yourself .. do some regular exercises ... listen to calm music ... you will feel better
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Question: Hello I'm 15 weeks pregnant.. i used to vomit once in the evening each day.. but from past four days i don't have vomitting.. is everything fine with my baby?
Answer: Nothing to worry dear, all the sickness and Nausea has gone away. Vomiting sickness stays only for a month or two that's all
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Question: Baby kicks and movements are more now in this week. Is it fine?
Answer: It's absolutely fine some days it will be more and some days it will be less. So do not worry about babies increased movement as baby might be more active today.
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